Tips for Bloggers: Establish Your Blogging Reputation

I have talked about blogging reputation in my article titled are you a trusted blogger in where I explain how your blog is an extension of your own persona and that you need to keep your reputation intact by being careful about what and whom you choose to promote. Only promote things that you stand by and turn down offers if you aren’t completely comfortable in standing up for the product or company you are promoting.

Too often you will find a technology blogger or other website just doing paid advertisements for dating sites, adult sites or gambling and casino sites which are considered some of the lower quality advertisements in that they hurt reputation and can even have your site penalized by Google for referencing them from a site that is not in the same niche or topic as those categories.

Here is a little video presentation I did to talk about your blogging reputation:

So let me hear from my readers and fellow bloggers, have you ever had to turn down offers from a company because you didn’t feel right in promoting the product? Have you ever taken paid opportunities and promoted something you weren’t proud of, but did for the money?

I want to hear from you, share your experiences.

-Dragon Blogger

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