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One of my blogging friends James over at The Infopreneur posted about how he left over a thousand blog comments in 18 days. He is an amazing blogger and puts tremendous amounts of time into not only publishing more than fifty articles per month, but finds time to promote, guest blog on almost a dozen other blogs and leave almost fifty comments per day on other people’s sites. would be probably 2x as large as it is if I had not divided my time between 3 blogs. However, my poetry blog Wanderer Thoughts Poetry is my art and I enjoy the creative process, I don’t really consider it blogging really. My personal blog Personal Diary of Justin Germino was created to allow me to voice some of my thoughts and opinions that weren’t a good fit for this technology blog. It also let me blog about local Arizona things that would appeal toward residents, I live in a small enough city that when I blog about things in the city I can usually make the top 5 search items on Google for those things. The other side of the coin is that there are less than 100 searches per month for some of those things, so I don’t get much traffic even if I do have good search placement.

I do however want to increase the number of articles and comments I leave on other bloggers sites, but this is a hard niche for me. Previously I am barely able to churn out about 10 comments per week, but I hope to increase this to at least 5 to 10 comments per day in the upcoming weeks. One method I have found to be helpful is to leverage social networks such as Blog Engage or Twittley to find articles of interest and comment. One other is to use Google Blogsearch and search for keywords or topics that I would normally search for on Google News, instead of going to Google News read the info I was looking for from a blogger and leave a comment on the article. I also will search for keywords or topics that I have recently blogged about or want to blog about and leave comments and gain insight that may help me in my own article.

How many of my fellow bloggers leave more than 10 comments per week? how about 50 or more?

Share with me how many comments you leave per week and let me know what tips or tactics you use to help find other blog sites, and how you go about doing it.

-Dragon Blogger

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