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Are you lost in the sea of the Twitter universe, scouring to find interesting personalities that will provide you with content that is not only entertaining to read, but genuinely helpful to you? Tony Hastings over at The Top 10 Blog spends his twilight hours on the Internet connecting with engaging personalities and sharing the best of their findings on his blog.

What sets Tony’s blog apart from other “who to follow” resources is that he truly interviews individuals that are insightful leaders in their field and witty to boot!  Tony does not determine this on bland figures like “follower count.”  In fact, he often states in his lists of Top Twitter People of the Week that it matters little to him whether the person has 1 follower or 1 million.

Tony not only gleans helpful pearls of wisdom from others but shares his own about a myriad of topics ranging from blog makeover tips to the wacky world of entertainment. Quite a few of his posts will not only leave you walking away well informed but in stitches!

His post on whether women are better tweeters than men, is riddled with tongue-in-cheek humor regarding the generalizations of brief bro-talk verses the lengthy gabs of ladies who chit-chat.  Tony looks past the stereotypes and tries to boil it down to statistics and critical analysis.

As mentioned earlier, The Top 10 Blog often serves up some fantastic guest posters.  In Judy Dunn’s enlightening entry about 10 things your blog visitors wish they knew, she muses how visitors want to get to know you right from the get go.  Another point she stresses is how potential readers will often run away in horror if walking into a WalMart of a blog – i.e. riddled with ads and screaming “buy me, buy me!”  Effective practices like these are just a sampling of the wonderful advice that Tony’s guest posters regularly have to offer.

The Top 10 Blog has also attracted a community of like-minded people who share sources that inspire them both on and off Twitter.  Tony generously gives his attention and responds back to his readers quite often.  This willingness to reach out is what makes Tony’s blog so engaging and a fun place to hang around.

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