Torchlight II Early Impressions: Graphics and World

Update: Our review of Torchlight II is now ready for you to peruse at your leisure.

Welcome back to our second and final installment of early impressions for Torchlight II.  Last time in Torchlight II Early Impressions: Gameplay and Mechanics I covered the fundamental aspects of how the game runs and handles.  Just for a quick recap, I mentioned how I like the slick and supple operation of the game, the ample loot and quest rewards, and the ease of switching between online and offline gameplay.  In this edition of early impressions, I will share my thoughts on the aesthetics and environment of the epic Torchlight world.  Grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy!

Distinct Character Design

Mages in rags, knights in shining armor, and rogues in revealing outfits?  Nope, that’s not the make-up of Torchlight II’s character design.  Each class has it’s own flavor – a flavor that far differs from the trends I have seen in most RPGs.  Berserkers, the offensive powerhouses of the bunch, have a very tribal look that channels the rage of the beast.  Engineers, a tank on a pair of human legs, starts out with an inventor sort of vibe and soon suits up in what could be described as mech armor.  Embermages, the more magically inclined of the classes, aren’t covered necessarily head-to-toe in robes – I’ve seen embermages in genie pants, short-shorts, and armor-like leggings.  Lastly Outlanders, the gun wielding rogues of Torchlight, channel an Arabesque theme in their clothing with a touch of pirate for good measure.

Vibrant Dungeons and Outside Areas

Torchlight II being a dungeon crawler, naturally has it’s fair share of dark mysterious catacombs and tombs to explore.  What surprised me though is a great part of your journey will be through the lush outside areas and the dungeons are not as poorly lit as one would expect.  As the saying goes, “there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel,” and I have indeed seen this in my adventuring and spelunking.  Things like mana veins, pulsating tentacles, and glimmering jewels light your way through the dangerous shadows.  The environment often serves a purpose too.  The mana veins give a boost to mana regeneration, teleport pads send you to other parts of the dungeon, and trap triggers unleash nasty surprises.  Portions of Torchlight II’s dungeons may look visually the same, but the diversity of areas you unlock makes up for this fact, and the tunnels that spider in all sorts of directions keep things fresh.

Weapons That Look Both Deadly and Fun

Cleaving your way through enemies has never felt more satisfying thanks to a deadly arsenal of weaponry in Torchlight II.  Regardless of what class you are, you will certainly get your hands on a wide variety of death toys, if you so wish to do so.  My berserker for example, often wields these claws that appear like boxing mitts with a lethal set of spikes on them.  Canons, while not the most effective choice of artillery, have a big old business end on them, come in a variety of hues not just gray, and I swear your avatar appears to grin more as you wield them.  Another set of weapons that possess a look I quite like are the pistols.  A few of them come with 3-5 barrels on them and appear as if you are holding an extra pair of hands.

Sorry folks, that’s as much as I will divulge to you for now.  Don’t forget that you can receive even more up-to-date news on Torchlight II through our Twitter accounts (@dragonblogger and @dragonbloggers) and keep your eyes peeled for our video review.  You will soon get to see first hand just how fantastic the Torchlight experience has been.  Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to bump into our awesome fans in-game.  Take care friends!

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