Keep Track of Your Linkbacks with Google Alerts

Ok, if you are the type of person who likes to check your Linkbacks daily, then this is a service you should be using. Setup a Google Alerts account and add your blogsearch criteria as alerts.

Or just do your blogsearch and then scroll to bottom and turn it into an alert.

Create 2 alerts for each of your blogs, so you can accurately track Linkbacks to both types of URLs.



You can set your alerts to notify you immediately when google picks up the link, or have a daily report. If you get many linkbacks a day, you might want to even set weekly to prevent spam attacks. Or some people like to know exactly when it happens, so you can be quick to plug the blogger or site who plugged you…etc The choice is yours.

Here is Image of Google Alerts for my Site:

-Dragon Blogger

Do you use Google Alerts?

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