There are so many twitter management sites out there that once you find one, you tend to not want to try any others. Hootsuite for instance is probably the best twitter management website hands down, but the lack of “auto recurring tweets” means you still spend some extra manual time to build repetitive tweets so you can manually queue them. Twaiter stands out as having several very unique features, the primary one is the ability to schedule recurring tweets that kick off “daily, weekly, monthly or yearly” which is good for reminders or updates. Though TwitRobot allows you to kick off a randomized set of up to “10” twitter messages that can blast every 3 hours (in free version) or more frequently in paid version.
Twaiter allows you to set scheduled tweets to go off every weekday, which would be nice for calls to my Random Twitter Poetry game. If only I could fine tune and say kick off tweets only between 7am and 12pm M-F for my call for random words, this would save me about 15 minutes per day that I spend queuing those tweets into hootsuite every morning.
The other major feature is “Twanslate” and Spellcheck, you can not only translate your twitter message into a variety of other languages before you tweet it out, but you can spell check other languages as well. Need to speak “Arabic” over twitter to someone, you can just translate your English tweet to Arabic with the touch of a button. Over 40 languages are selectable for translation, and 8 for the spellcheck. This makes Twaiter the most unique application I have seen for translating tweets, which is a nice touch.

Twaiter also has a really nice calendar style view showing you each our and what tweet kicks off when.

Twaiter definitely has some useful features, and has some useful scheduling options, but lacks any real user management other than seeing your users you have to open up each one to follow them manually. I recommend using Twaiter if you need to schedule tweets or broadcast automatic reoccurring tweets on a daily/weekly basis.

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino

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Justin Germino