Twaitter Phasing Out Recurring Tweets


Twaitter which is one of my favorite Twitter Clients is phasing out “recurring” tweets based on Twitter looking to recognize “recurring” tweets as SPAM and possibly block or filter them automatically in the future. The Twaitter team posted about Phasing out Blog Tweets saying that they continue to offer scheduled tweets which can be crafted manually and then set to a later date.  Meanwhile spinning applications like TwitRobot and others will probably be forced to make the same decisions or risk being banned by Twitter.

I wish twitter would start going after the “auto follow” services and “Twitter Trains” which often create nothing but bot accounts that scour for subscribers and such.  Twitter also needs to cut down on the spam bot accounts that follow and contain explicit logo’s on their accounts.

I still will likely leverage Twaitter for a while as it still has one of the most efficient calendar displays so you can see exactly what day and time all of your tweets kick off, though this feature removal means Twaitter has one less feature to stand out against powerful twitter clients like Hootsuite, which is more efficient at managing tweet streams for replies, direct messages via its columns than Twaitter is.

-Dragon Blogger

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