Tweaking My Blog AdSense Types and Locations

After seeing a loss of about 40% in my AdSense earnings over the past few months I have decided to alter my ad unit styles and placement on my blog to see if this new new position and ad types work better for me. I use the All in One AdSense and YPN! WordPress Plugin myself because if its flexibility and the fact that you can turn it off on individual posts, or enclose custom html code around the AdSense itself (such as if you want to wrap it in a table).

I wrote a post about how the placement of Google AdSense is important for you to be successful at monetizing with AdSense. I need to take my own advice and start experimenting more with various placement types and trying out different ad units. The last time I tried a different Ad Unit and placement was about five months ago and I only had 350×250 ads on the top right portion of my blog posts. I was earning about $30 per month with these Ad Unit styles and positions, but when I switched to a 468×90 banner in the center location of my posts, I saw my earnings drop consistently and 3 months with the new style and placement I saw earnings average between $15 and $20 per month. This is a 40% drop and I am back to adjusting my AdSense size and position.

So I am using a new wider skyscraper on my right had bar and testing out 350×250 ads placed in my posts in the bottom of the articles to see if this experiment nets me a higher AdSense per month. I would rather have my AdSense at the end of my article instead of cutting in the center of my article anyway. Wish me luck on my AdSense experimentation I eventually wanted to reach $100 per month in AdSense earnings but seem to be stuck at the $20 dollar mark per month for a year now with little growth.

-Dragon Blogger

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