TweetBurn and TweetRoll for your WordPress Blog

I noticed the TweetRoll on the sidebar of BlazingMinds and thought it looked really neat and seemed to be very functional.  This sidebar widget not only shows your twitter stats and a “follow me” link but also shows some of your recent tweets, followers and a “sponsor me” link so someone can directly hire you to promote their product or service on Twitter.  It was one of the most beneficial plug-ins that I have seen and I have decided to implement it on my blog.

You can download the TweetRoll Plug-In for WordPress if you want to install it in a Jiffy and take most default options.  However I recommend you Customize Tweetroll and go to the site and register for an account.  Customize and put the custom link inside your wordpress blog so you have greater control over placement of the widget.

Thanks to BlazingMinds and CornyMan who she learned about and noticed the TweetRoll plugin from for showcasing the widget.  Let me know if you see an increase in sponsored tweets as a result of the plugin.

Here is my feedback to the developer of TweetBurn and Tweetroll as there are still improvements that the widget needs:

#1 – Customize Widget For Multiple Blogs

You can only customize your tweetroll widget on the developer site, not on each local blog you own.  So if you have multiple blogs that all share the same twitter ID you are stuck with the same color scheme for your Tweetroll for all of your blogs.  The widget color set I use for this theme doesn’t look well on my other blogs so I am stuck using this plugin only for this blog.

The developer should move the color controls over to your own site or be able to update it in the script itself so you can choose the colors on your wordpress side.  This way you can use the same widget and tailor the colors for each blog you want to run it on.

#2 – Change Link Color

The links only use your blog “link color”.  While you can customize the background color, text color, border color and text color when you hover.  You cant actually set the “link” color, this is automatically set to whatever your link colors are on your blog theme.  Keep this in mind when customizing the plug-in.

#3 – Remove or Personalize “My Friends”

You should have the option to remove the “My Friends” part or customize and specifically list the Twitter ID’s you wish to have there. I don’t know if it shows just the most recent people you are following or how it collects who “My Friends” are but this should be something you can customize.


All in all the TweetBurn TweetRoll widget has a decent amount of functionality and looks pretty nice. It didn’t affect load times of the blog too badly but we shall see how this holds up as the developer site starts getting more traffic and more users installing the widget.

-Dragon Blogger

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