TweetDeck Adding Features with Scheduled Tweets

Tweetdeck released update 0.34.1 last Wednesday and there is a monster load of enhancements and features packed into the latest version of Tweetdeck. The most obvious is that Tweetdeck now offers scheduled tweets which was one feature that Hootsuite had as an advantage over Tweetdeck but does not any longer.  You can read my review comparing Hootsuite to Tweetdeck to see how the two twitter clients stack up against each other.  Tweetdeck also includes API updates allowing you to choose custom URL shorteners, enhanced filters for columns, Google Buzz and Foursquare integration and the ability to upload video and several bug fixes.

I logged into the latest version of Tweetdeck and have to say it runs smooth. The first thing I wanted to try is see if Scheduled tweets are as easy to use as Hootsuite and unfortunately, Tweetdeck has not implemented an easy and user friendly way to schedule tweets.

In Tweetdeck when you click on “Schedule this Update” which looks like a little clock, you are shown a calendar when you click on a date, Tweetdeck should in addition give you the ability to manually allow you to quickly just type in YYYY/MM/DD so that you can schedule tweets quickly without having to manually select a date or click through months. When I want to schedule dates, I want to use the tab key to tab through all the fields I need to enter, and I can do this with Hootsuite, but Tweetdeck only lets you tab and manually enter the Hour and Minute fields manually.

Still, Tweetdeck has improved and you can easily add your “Scheduled Updates” column by going into your “Add Columns” and “Core” options.

I particularly liked Tweetdecks integration with Google Buzz and Foursquare and combined with Facebook and LinkedIn now I can easily extend my poetry game to not just words submitted on Twitter, but notify all my followers on all of my major social networks now if they want to participate and send me a word for the poetry game.

I tested Tweetdeck search, Tweetdeck Groups and various other functions of the Tweetdeck client, I found the Tweetdeck support site to also be very useful if you needed Tweetdeck help or information about any of the new features. Tweetdeck also offers a video tutorial of the program and new features.

Tweetdeck 0.34.1 unfortunately crashes just as often as Tweetdeck 0.33.1 on my Windows 7 64 bit machine and if I leave the program running for 5 or 6 hours it locks up and presents the following error every time:

Hopefully this will be resolved in time.

This is my Tweetdeck review of the new scheduled tweets functionality and I want to hear from my readers who are using Tweetdeck on what they think of the new changes. For those of you who have not tried Tweetdeck for managing tweets, you can download Tweetdeck for Windows and try one of the best Twitter clients for yourself.

-Dragon Blogger

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