Tweetdeck had to release an emergency update to their application to address recent changes with the Facebook API that was changed permanently.  If you use Tweetdeck to manage both Twitter and Facebook, you will have to update to version 0.33.3 in order to allow Tweetdeck to post to Facebook again.  Older versions of Tweetdeck will no longer be able to post to Facebook and get Facebook popup messages when trying to sign into the application.

Tweetdeck Blog Notice:

Faceboook recently made some unannounced changes to their API and the Facebook Connect function that is causing the following issues:

  • Each time TweetDeck is restarted, a Facebook Connect authorisation prompt is displayed
  • Status updates sent to Facebook are only visible as “posts” and do not actually update the user’s status

These issues are as a direct result of unexplained changes made by Facebook and are not in any way the fault of TweetDeck. Many applications that use the Facebook API are being affected by these problems.

We have been able to implement a workaround which eliminates both of these issues and have issued them in TweetDeck v0.33.3, which is available to download now from , or get the .air file direct from

Please note, v0.33.3 is NOT a major release and contains NO other fixes. Only the two issues detailed here are dealt with by this release.

There will be a full desktop release coming soon with lots of new features and fixes – we will of course let you know when that is available.
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Justin Germino

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