Twellow – Yellow Pages for Twitter Accounts

Twellow is one of the best websites for finding Twitter users for certain categories or by location.  I was working for a company and wanted to find and track users who live in Tempe or Mesa, Arizona and Twellow is the ideal yellow pages style directory to do such a task.  You just search for whatever keyword or topic you are looking for and you are presented with a page listing of every twitter user who matches that category or location.  It sorts the user by most popular on front page to least popular on last page.

I was quickly able to pull up 187 pages of registered twellow users who listed their location as Mesa, Arizona alone.

One thing I also like about Twellow over WeFollow is that it gives you instant access to the users twitter profile page by clicking on the “name on twitter” link.  This makes it easier to follow people directly from their twitter homepage, I tend to not like doing follows through a 3rd party application (WeFollow only brings you to the WeFollow profile page of the user and asks you to follow from there, there is a lag between doing follows from 3rd party applications sometimes and you aren’t always sure if the follow worked).

When signing up, Twellow directory allows each twitter account to list up to 10 categories that their account can fall under, and I highly recommend that if you are a public twitter user who is looking to be added to directories to get traffic and searches you sign up for and add yourself to the directory.  Make sure you list yourself in 10 categories and you have to actually verify and validate your categories.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking to get your twitter identity listed in an online directory so you can be found or are looking to find categories of twitter users or users based on location, Twellow is an excellent twitter directory and is the Yellow Pages of twitter. My only complaint is that the site is fairly slow and probably needs to be beefed up to support the amount of traffic and querying it does.

-Dragon Blogger

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