ReFollow Becoming a Paid Subscription Service announced on their homepage that they are officially blocked by Twitter due to number of calls from ReFollow servers to Twitter.  As a result they are being required to increase the number of servers to distribute the number of POSTS to the twitter network across more IP’s.  As a result ReFollow is going to be offering a subscription program for users to benefit and help pay for the increased infrastructure costs.  At this time the cost is $20 for thirty days of unlimited usage until they have the subscription service put in place.  They mention they will eventually offer a lighter free service, and it appears to be a tiered subscription service.


I think ReFollow was one of the best sites for managing your Twitter followers and I will be testing out the free service once offered, I may or may not subscribe to the pay service but this would depend on how limited the free service is.  I don’t do more than maybe twice a week updates to my following/follower so if the free service even offers 100 updates/follows per day it will probably be sufficient for my twitter following needs.

How many of you are planning to subscribe to a ReFollow premium plan or are seeking an alternative free service?

-Dragon Blogger

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