Twittley Revamped and Looking Better

There are a few loyal bloggers who love using Twittley which is a a Digg type social submission site that will retweet articles on Twitter and keep track of them. It differs from TweetMeme in the way it ranks retweets based on more than just numbers, it uses metrics like the quality of the “twitter user” who retweets and “Karma” metric to value the articles submitted to the site. I have enjoyed Twittley myself because I can get my own articles on the front page occasionally with a much lower number of retweets than TweetMeme which means more exposure for my articles. I also know several of bloggers who leverage twittley and it is a good place to read some of my favorite bloggers articles.

Twittley 2.0 is about to be released soon and only a handful of bloggers received an early version of the 2.0, included is most notable the new button styles which are much nicer and streamlined, see for yourself:

In addition they have several bug fixes so the Twittley button gracefully handles “special” characters that exist in the blog title and name, often when using dashes in the blog name or some characters like colons, it would cause the previous Twittley version to display a SQL database error instead of allowing you to retweet.

I for one am impressed and I do leave both buttons on my site, because some readers still prefer to use TweetMeme, so I give the option for either. Once Twittley becomes a little more widespread I probably will exclusively use Twittley in the future.

-Dragon Blogger

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