Typography And Its Importance In Web Design


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An aspect in website design that is often overlooked is typography. This is something that seems so simple yet has a relatively large impact on how your visitors perceive your presence. By using specific typography on your website, it enables your readers to understand the tone and feel of your message. Typography in itself is a form of art and you can create some visually stunning text. How you design the text is completely up to you, but being able to transform a piece of text into a work of art is both challenging, yet very rewarding if you get it right. After all, the main reason of having a website is to display information; and text makes up over 80% of the content of most websites. Not only will you indulge your readers with your information, but the certain style and feel is conveyed.


Using fonts

The number of fonts you use is your decision. Quikclicks Web Design Agency will surely agree that using only a single font type is not good as it is deemed monotone. Ideally, you should use up to 4 or 5 different fonts to give your website a different feel. The type of font you choose should be fitting with the information that you present and be consistent throughout your webpage.


Having a set of different combinations which are random will only confuse your readers. Furthermore, try to make the text big enough for visitors to be able to read your message. Use larger fonts for more important pieces of information.


Which fonts to use

Try to go for different from standard fonts and avoid using fonts such as Calibri or Times New Roman. If you ask why, it’s because it’s simply boring. Go for more modernised fonts or classy fonts. If you ask about typography’s relevance on creating a useful and responsive web design from Quikclicks, they too will agree that going for these types of fonts are best for engaging visitors. For example, if you are publishing a fantasy novel on a website, using fonts which are script typed or slanted text might be a good choice. Another example would be if you were to publish a digital coding page, using text which reflects code fonts could be suitable as it gives the reader a feeling that they are reading a block of computer code. Again, the typeface that you use shows the mood and feel of your website.


Being organised

There is no question that people would always choose a site that presents information in an organized way and a site where they can easily to navigate through the pages. Although messy websites and unreadable text may not directly affect your SEO campaigns, these are factors that greatly affect the user’s interest. That is why it is significant for the webmaster to know how to balance website user experience and SEO.

Having a neatly organised text with comfortable paragraph sizes impacts the overall readability of your website and again, conveys the message of your site. Some websites tend to get messy with their typography. You might see that chunks of text are not so organised and poorly aligned. Even worse, paragraphs lack line breaks which makes it easy to get lost in reading. Justified and aligned text is also something to consider; but nowadays, you can get even more creative by using readily available software. These software prove to be extremely versatile and you would be amazed with what kind of artwork you can make with typography. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours too. Using colours can also reflect the tone of your website.



Before deciding on the font that you want to incorporate, have a look at some samples online. You should be able to find a lot of creative ideas that you can incorporate in your design. Focus on the design and get a feel of how the typography reflects the message of the website. Look at other elements such as font type, colour, size, and alignment. If you happen to stumble across a site that has amazing typography, let it inspire your own design. Finally, try to use an ideal software that can enable you to produce the stunning works of art and watch your website transform into a masterpiece.

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