Update your Feedburner Sender Email

I run eight feedburner feeds from my one Gmail account and when I realized that every single one of my feeds that my readers subscribed to had “contactme@dragonblogger.com” as the sender, I realized I needed to figure out how to update my feedburner subscriptions so that people who subscribed to different feeds had the right “sender” email for the feed.  This is actually pretty easy to do, and these are the steps on how you can change your “Sender” that goes out to your feedburner email subscribers.

Step 1 – Log into Feedburner

Step 2 – Click on the Feed you want to alter

Step 3 – Click on Publicize Tab

Step 4 – Click on Email Subscriptions on left

Step 5 – Click on Communication Preferences under “Email Subscriptions”

Step 6 – Enter “Email From Address” to be whichever email you want subscribers to see as the Sender.

Step 7 – Click Save

Step 8 – Repeat for all your Feeds you want to update

Here is a screenprint of Google Email Subscriptions section for easy reference:


-Dragon Blogger

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