Upsetting Content to be Flagged in Google Search

Good news for users! Google is now trying to identify upsetting and offensive content. Experts hope that the search engine will henceforth be able to stop such content from concealing accurate, informative and good content worth relying upon. According to Google executives, the search engine is not trying to target fake news, which is a very vague term. On the other hand, they want to aim their gun at information that is inaccurate.

Google’s ‘Quality Raters’ Get a New Role

The new attempt involves the 10,000 contractors of Google, who, it calls its quality raters and who are accountable for assessing the search results on the SERPs. With actual searches, taken from real searches that Google sees, the raters determine the validity and the suitability of the top results.

Interestingly, if a rater marks a specific result as a low-grade one, it does not mean that the page will plunge in rankings. On the contrary, the data from the raters is utilized in order to better the search algorithms of Google. With time, this data will have an impact on the low grade pages that are viewed by raters.

The guidelines used by quality raters is about 200 pages long and help them to evaluate the quality of a website. They also try to gather if the reviewed results at all meet the requirements of the searchers typing certain keywords.

Flagging Upsetting-Offensive Content

As per the new set up, raters can flag pages that have offensive content. As a smart Phoenix Sand Crest SEO professional, you must know that the parameters of an upsetting or offensive content, are as follows.

  • Content comprising of offensive terms or racial insult
  • Content that promotes violence or hatred against religion, ethnicity or race, nationality, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation and more.
  • Detailed information about harmful and dangerous activities like, how to conduct human trafficking or how to kill people
  • Graphic hostility which includes child abuse or cruelty towards animals
  • Any other type of content which users may find upsetting

Is Flagging Proof of an Immediate Ban?

The answer to this question is a big ‘no.’ The results flagged by quality raters are used to train the human coders of Google who are responsible for writing such algorithms. This type of content is a marker that helps Google to identify offensive content. This flagging does not identify a site or a page in the actual search engine. On the contrary, Google uses this data to mark pages that need to be flagged.

If a piece of content is flagged, it does not mean that the site or the page will disappear from Google. If Google realizes that a user is actually looking for such content, it will be displayed as a result. Just because a page or site is offensive, Google is not going to offer factually wrong information to people who are making such queries. The ultimate result a searcher will get will be correct and accurate, and not something purported by Google.

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