Valentines Gifts for the Gamer In Your Life

With Valentines fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the player 2 in your life. Whether they’re a classic Ninentdo fan, a hard-core shoot ‘em up buff or simply enjoy playing the slots, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these brilliant gifts!

Pikachu Mattress

With over 280 million copies sold worldwide, Pokémon is one of the highest selling and best loved franchises in history. Show the love with this huge Pikachu mattress for your loved one! Made from Plush High Grade EPE Cotton. and size 220cm X 150cm, so there’s definitely room for two! Click here to know about the various sorts of mattresses.!

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Game Boy Smartphone Case

This awesome smartphone case from Red Bubble is perfect for the selfie taking gaming fan! Featuring an extremely durable shatterproof casing slim fitting one-piece clip-on case that allows full access to all device ports.


Super Mario Cushion

Brighten up the front room or bed of any home with this awesome Mario cushion from the folks over at Nintendo! Size approx. 14 inches, not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Life Bar Necklace

Show everyone your vitality; real or desired, with these stylish necklaces from Etsy based on the classic video game life bar! They’re made from layered acrylic and after being exposed to sunlight, the life bar and lettering will glow green and white respectively in the dark for several hours. Necklaces measure about 2″ across and come hung on a black enamelled chain, which comes 20″ long by default but can also be 18″ or 22″.


Player 1 & 2 Rings

Want a proposal that’s just a little more unique this valentine’s day? How about these player 1 & 2 rings from Amazon.  Hand stamped with ‘PLAYER 1’ and ‘PLAYER 2’, these ring bands are aluminium, which is food safe, hypoallergenic and non-tarnish. The aluminium ring band is 1/4″ (6mm) in width but can be adjusted to your personal size.


Question Mark Block Light

Bring a shining reminder of your childhood to any room in your house. This question mark block from Maplin has been designed as a throwback to 1985 and to the Super Mario Bros. retro styling of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It is operated by pushing down on the top of the box and features official game sounds to transport you back to your youth. The light can be powered with three AA batteries or by mains power through the included micro USB cable.


Pixel Heart Girlie Shirt

This awesome pixel heart tee from Spreadshirt features a bright red video game heart on a black female fit premium cotton/polyester shirt. You can also choose different sizes and colours for the shirt to suit your individual preference!


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