Verify your Google Buzz Account with Google Knol

Google Buzz has one up over twitter in that it will allow anyone with a valid Google account to verify or certify their account so you can be sure the person is validated and trusted. Twitter does this only for celebrities and high profile accounts and does not yet open up this certification / verify process to all twitter users. Personally this would help determine who you can follow on twitter and who you should abandon.

In the meantime while searching on Google to find out how to find your Google Buzz profile, I ran across an article by Raju over at Technically Personal about how to get your Google Buzz Profile verified.

This article is fantastic and I didn’t even know that Google has a service called “Knol” which is a kind of collaboration utility for sharing knowledge. Think of Knol as a twitter for exchanging research ideas and specific knowledge. This is the theory at least and it is mean’t for researchers in fields to collaborate together which has potential but also I have seen knols that are no different than normal article or twitter promotions so I don’t think it is actually working as intended.

However, you can “verify” your Google account with Knol and this verification allows you to add a “Verified” badge next to your name on your Google Profile so that you can show your fans you are exactly who you say you are.

Rather than give you all the steps on how to get your Google Buzz account verified here I am going to encourage you to go to the article in the above link and follow Raju’s information. I just wish Twitter would soon follow and allow everyone legitimate to certify their accounts so you can quickly weed out the spam accounts.

-Dragon Blogger

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