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It’s true they even have a program for trading older electronics for newer ones. It works by giving you a pre-paid Walmart Visa card. Walmart is providing its customers with a fast, safe and easy way to trade in or recycle electronics. The program is powered by Gazelle, the nation’s largest consumer electronics reCommerce service. The online calculator will determine a value for your items. You send your items to Gazelle and are paid with Walmart Prepaid Visa Cards, which can be used for purchases at or Walmart stores. When items have no trade in value, Gazelle will recycle them responsibly, free of charge. The program accepts items in over 20 categories and is expanding.

How does it work?

1. Find your item & get an offer
2. Ship your items to us
3. Get a Walmart Prepaid Visa Card

Go green and trade up to newer electronics!

Here is the link to trade in your old electronics and see what you can get.

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