Want to Establish Your Site’s SB Rank? – SB Rank Formula Is the Ultimate Solution!

SB Rank is regarded as the perfect alternative to Google’s PageRank. It came into use immediately website owners lost confidence in PageRank. Although PR is still operational, it is no longer visible. Prior to the development of SB Rank, the biggest issue was how to get relevant sites with appropriate Google rating to help in link building. As it were, the solution was found and you can visit here: http://scanbacklinks.com/check_pa_da_moz_rank_pagerank_sb_rank/ to learn more on the same.

SB Rank, (named after ScanBackLinks), is a perfect substitute for PR and will give you value for your money. The most important thing to note is that SB Rank was actually created when PR was still in use. Arguably, the main aim was to compare results of the 2 site evaluating systems. It was discovered that in all cases, SB Rank was more or less the same as PR with 90% matching results and thus an idyllic choice. Unlike PageRank, it is difficult to manipulate SB Rank.


  • Unlike PR, it is difficult to imitate SB Rank
  • It is an enhanced Google PR formula
  • SB Rank is regularly updated as compared to PR which was updated after every 4 months
  • Focuses on 2 steadfast gauges – PA and DA
  • Establishes the actual rate of the page with high DA, but low PA (BlogSpot and others in the same category).
  • With PA and DA already incorporated in the system, you do not need to manually calculate the scores.

SB Rank Computation

This computed basing on two indexes namely Domain Authority and Page Authority. Below is the formula and how you can determine your site’s SB Rank.

While SB Rank is equivalent to the PA of the same page so long as it appears in Alexa Top 100, SB Rank for domains that aren’t contained in Alexa Top 100 are calculated as such: (PA+DA/5)/10 =SB Rank.

Why DA is divided by 5

Some sites exhibit a considerably high DA index. This high index can influence the actual score of the page. A good example is BlogSpot with DA100. The page could be empty without any value at all. To calculate the actual SB Rank of this kind of page, you only need 20% of its DA index and that is why the DA is divided by 5.

For instance:

If a page has DA80 and PA50, its SB Rank is calculated as such: (80+50)/5 = 66.  This is then divided by 10 to get a number between 0 and 10. This leaves you with 6.6 which is rounded off to remove the decimal, which gives you 7 as the SB Rank of the page. But if the number is less than 5 as in 6.4, the final answer will be 6.

When using SB Rank to select pages, you:

  • Access pages with the right value
  • Not pay more than expected for pages that have been incorrectly evaluated
  • Save your efforts and money when determining the right pages to place your backlinks
  • Successfully join the top ranking sites since you will be having a stunning link profile acquiring links with the appropriate Google rankings on your behalf.

Bottom Line: With the SEO best practices in place, you are sure to get your site ranking high on Google. At http://scanbacklinks.com/check_pa_da_moz_rank_pagerank_sb_rank/, we have all the details you need to ensure that everything goes right. With our SB rank formula; you can rest assured that the results you get for your domains are indeed deserved. Give it a try and you will not have regrets. We believe in quality and providing our clients with the right information is key.


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