Watch Out When Using Google Adsense

Read a good article over on by Kok Siong about 6 Things Learned Since Having Adsense Account Disabled and I highly recommend anyone who is running a smaller blog and using AdSense or is looking to leverage and implement AdSense visit the article to find out on some mistakes that people can make that can cause your AdSense account to be disabled.

One key point of the article I want to reiterate is that AdSense is more beneficial and should probably be used if your blog has at least 100 unique visitors per day and you have at least 30% of your traffic coming from search engines. Repeat visits from the same people and IP addresses are great for having followers but if these same IP’s and visitors click on too many ads it can look like gaming the system and real or falsely indicate that your ads are being clicked inappropriately.

I have noticed a particularly annoying trend on BlogCatalog where I see people who will contact me in my ShoutBox saying (I K!$$ed your AdSense ad, hope you do the same) or some other variation indicating that someone hit your site, just clicked and AdSense ad and expects you to return the favor. This is upsetting because it blatantly violates the ToS of AdSense and you have no control over people doing this and they probably don’t even realize that they can be causing you trouble by using tactics like this.

From the article I did learn that you can’t emulate the look and feel of any Google site or service, and Kok had been using a Google favicon image for his site which may have contributed to his account being disabled.

Who else has had their account disabled from AdSense? How have you resolved it?

-Dragon Blogger

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