Best Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook fans are pretty much as important as RSS feed subscribers for a blog. Today people are engaging more on Facebook and their mail boxes are full of spam mails which they don’t even care to open. In such a scenario, one can easily conclude that increasing Facebook fans by buying would be the easiest way to connect with them. If you are on the edge of doing such a thing as purchasing Facebook likes however, then hold on and read this article first.

One of the major drawbacks of having likes that are paid for is that they are only numbers, and not actual users. They won’t interact with your updates and latest news and will not lead to any sales or increase in visits to your site. If you don’t care about this stuff and are only interested in inflating the# of likes superficially, then you are good to go ahead and increase Facebook likes by buying them. But if you care enough to increase Facebook likes from a targeted real user audience then go on and read the following steps.

The following steps will help you to increase Facebook likes for your fanpage while still keeping your fanpage an interactive place with live users who WANT to be a fan of your site or company.

Active Participation

Active participation in conversations happening on your Facebook fan page will ensure your blog’s presence. It will encourage other readers to like your Facebook fan page as all these conversations will be available to public Facebook users who may passively visit your page. Active participation also includes helping out users on an individual basis. This will leave good lasting impressions on reader’s minds. You can also improve participation by asking your readers questions and for feedback regarding your upcoming or older articles.

Facebook Widget

A number of Facebook widgets are available to bloggers to ensure smooth interaction with your readers. These Facebook widgets will give clear idea of what’s happening on your Facebook fan page as well as give them an easy way to just like and interact with the page.  You need to be extra careful about a Facebook widget placement so that it reaches maximum exposure and is not too intrusive as to  distract from other content.

Short Posts on Facebook Page

There is a situation when a 300 words article is not at all required to share some tips and tricks. Such small piece of informative tips and tricks should be posted on fan page as they will improve your reputation among your readers.

E-mail Newsletter

I am sure that you would be publishing newsletter to your readers already, but if you aren’t then start doing it right now because they do produce a healthy amount of traffic to your blog. Now the point here is, you can add Facebook fan page link at the end of the mail. This link might not seem to be effective but a good reader may definitely like your Facebook page by right from there.

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Tag Fans in Photos

It is a pretty nice practice to tag good amount of your Facebook fans in photos. This will grab their attention instantly and encourage them to join in respective conversation.  Use sparingly and only tag people you know who are affected or in the photo or else you could be perceived as spamming people.

Host/Co-host a Contest

Running a contest might seem to be bit expensive but that will increase your Facebook likes and twitter followers. Rafflecopter will help you to run such contest. If you are unable to host contest individually then you have the option of co-hosting with other blogs.

DragonBlogger’s Note:  Rafflecopter contests have personally increased my Facebook fanpage followers by 500% within the first 3 months of running the contests.

Invite Friends

Getting likes from friends is pretty easy. One can simply click on invite friends and select the friends from list to send invites.  Sometimes getting all the people you know to follow your fanpage is a good start.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the best options to consider. If you can manage to make a good advertisement of your blog, then you will certainly get targeted Facebook likes.

Apart from Facebook advertising, all other steps will increase Facebook likes slowly. There is nothing to worry about as most these likes will be targeted. My simple recommendation to you would be: keep Facebook advertising as a last option.


What methods do you use to increase your Facebook likes for your fanpage?

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