What One Hundred Dollars Bought on Sponzai

I was lucky enough to get $100 in free advertising credit on Sponzai last month which is IZEA’s latest service where advertisers can purchase guest posts from bloggers and specifically post news articles, product news, or guest posts and showcase them on other blogs.  For this test I setup a handful of guest posts for several blogs including this one, I then generated leads to see which bloggers would be interested in featuring my guest posts.  As there are thousands of bloggers listed in the system, I was surprised at the relatively low number of bloggers that show interest in generated leads.  I can’t tell if they are truly rejecting or just aren’t logging into their Sponzai often enough to click the “I’m Interested” link.sponzairesultsAs you can see from the image above I was able to purchase 32 guest posts with my $100 which averages to about $3.12 cents per post, and you can find some blogs listed in the system with PageRank 2 or better with thousands of listed Alexa backlinks and still be able to purchase guest posts for only $2 or $3.  The most I paid was about $6 for a single sponsored guest post, the least I paid was $1 for a sponsored guest post.

Though every single link in a sponsored guest post is “nofollow” I think sponsored guest posts are a good way to get your name, brand and company out there.  If you are selling a product, you are able to mention it with a link to purchase it inside your guest post so there is a good chance you can see a ROI that far outweights the initial cost of advertising.  I wasn’t selling a product per se, but instead promoting my blogs and articles in the hopes it would drive more traffic which would lead to more revenue indirectly from AdSense, better Alexa which leads to better advertiser opps…etc.

Considering that purchasing a guest post is a lifelong post on the blog itself it is a steal to be able to purchase entire guest posts for the $1 – $2 range for some of these blogs, I think that some bloggers are underpricing their worth considerably.  This is good for the advertisers however and you can get some decent blogs for low cost.  However, I would strongly urge to visit the blog before you decide to purchase a guest post, because anyone can list their blog on Sponzai and there is no qualification process you can find some pretty low quality blogs listed that you may not want to advertise on.

  • What I do is start a campaign and generate leads
  • Every 24 hours I see how many people are interested and I visit the sites and extend an offer
  • Every 24 hours after that I check back in and repeat the process and review the guest posts that were completed and ready for approval.
  • Repeat process until I have used up all of my funds.
  • Occasionally I will mix it up and write a few extra campaigns so the same post isn’t being repeated over and over on so many blogs.


I enjoyed using Sponzai as an advertiser, and even though the links are nofollow, I had Google Alerts notify me of some backlinks from some of the sponsored posts (some blogs must override the nofollow or something).  It was fun to be able to hire 32 bloggers to host guest posts and not pay an actual dime out of my own pocket, but this is a service I would pay for when I start bringing in more blog revenue and have more of an advertising budget.  It is definitely a service I would use if I actually had a product to sell and promote.

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