Why You Should Read Comments on Blogs

Guest post by www.mkakan.com.

I am sure you have probably heard how great and wonderful it is to read other blogs. It is a great piece of advice. But after reading other blog posts and maybe checking out the about page of the blogger, what do you do?

Well, it is common knowledge that attention spans of people online are very short so you may likely be scanning blog posts and bouncing off. (almost Giving the blogger a heart attack from seeing a 70 % bounce rate on his Google analytic stat)

We hardly even spend a few minutes to read comments.

If this is how you read blog posts, you are missing out.

Reading comments made on a post is a great thing to do. Here are 4 reasons why you should do so.

  • Other contributions:

A blog post sometimes is just a conversation starter. It may be something that prompts other people to reveal their ideas and knowledge. If you refuse to read the comments, you are losing out from learning from the comments other made. Especially if the post is a discussion post and if the blog usually have lots of comments.

  • Contrary ideas:

The blog post author may only touch on ideas that he is aware of or is used to. It is only in the comments that another contrary idea will be shared by someone else from another background. You will miss this if you don’t read the comments.

  • Relevant links:

Links to important related website, blog posts can be shared by other people knowledge in the topic discussed.

  • Questions:

Great and relevant questions related to the post are usually posted in the comment section of the post. These questions may be answered by the blog author or by other readers. If you refuse to read the comments you will miss out on this.

  • Please, let’s discuss

Do you read comments on blogs?

What are other benefits of reading comments on other blogs?

Thank you for your comments.

Mk Akan is an entrepreneur, blogger and publisher of a web-centric magazine in Nigeria. He blogs about blogging tips, business ideas and advice at www.mkakan.com

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