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At the end of the year I like to run the biggest giveaway my marketing budget will allow and one that provides the most value to a lucky fan.  For the past few years this has been a gaming console which have been very popular as I never have quite acquired the budget to giveaway a high end gaming PC or laptop yet though that is my giveaway goal to aspire for.  So instead of choosing a specific console like last year’s PlayStation 4 giveaway I instead am opening it up for more potential entries because now the winner can enter and choose any console that they want of the 3 major platforms including:  PlayStation 4Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.  They will be the standard versions of these consoles and the bundle and package you get may vary based on the best option available at time of purchase.  I plan on selecting the winner the day before Black Friday and then leveraging the Black Friday deal to purchase the best possible prize option for the winner within the prize budget range.
So Enter to Win a Console of Your Choice and good luck to all who enter.  Feel free to let me know which console you would choose if you win.


Win a Gaming Console: PlayStation 4, Switch or Xbox One

Note: There is an action for subscribing to our Twitch channel for +100 entries this does give a big boost in entries for odds, but the refer a friend entry option overall has the greatest odds increase potential. The Twitch Subscribe costs nothing if you have Amazon Prime and use your free Twitch prime subscription.  Instructions on how to use Twitch Prime if you have Amazon Prime.

Also, here is the public stream calendar you can subscribe to and follow.

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Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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