I am relatively new to Vista and have only been using it for a few months I had discovered that there is a button right near your Windows start button called “Switch Between Windows” which actually gives you a cool little 3-D cut view of all your open windows so you can select which one you want to go to.  It is a better view of your open applications than just hitting Alt-Tab and seeing the little Icon as it renders what is actually on the screen for each window.  Was a nice little effect and for anyone still using Windows XP I wanted to share with you what the screenshot looks like:

You are going to have to click the image for a larger view (it is a full screen shot)

I also like the button for “Show Desktop” where one click and all of your windows are minimized so you can quickly and easily access your desktop icons. In general I do like Vista better than Windows XP, but it does consume lots of memory and is sluggish at times. I am really hoping Windows 7 will be drastically improved in both user experience and performance and that is the operating system I am actually excited about getting for the first time since Windows 95 from Microsoft.

Windows Vista should take out some term life insurance now because once Windows 7 comes out, it will be put to rest fast. I have no doubt people will flock from XP to Windows 7 and Vista to Windows 7 much faster than from XP to Vista.

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