WinXDVD HD Video Converter Giveaway

I love giving away software as much as gadgets, and one piece of software I use quite often when I have 2 kids with Kindle Fire tablets, plus having 2 iPads is the WinXDVD HD Video Converter software.  This software lets you take any video file and convert it to Kindle Fire, iPad, Google Nexus video format, pretty much any mobile smartphone or tablet video format in fact.  It also allows you to set the video quality and lower it to help make sure you keep your video file sizes as small as they need to be considering the size of the screen you will play the video on.  You don’t need such a great bitrate if you are watching a movie on a Kindle Fire (Non-HD) for example so you can shrink the movie and fit more of them on your Kindle Fire by lowering the video quality a bit.


WinXDVD HD Video Converter can also download YouTube Videos and convert them to any video format as well so you can watch YouTube videos on the go.


You can also use WinXDVD HD Video Converter to take any media file and convert it then burn it to DVD as well.  I have made a DVD with like 20 YouTube videos for the kids to watch for example.


Probably one of the most unique features of WinXDVD HD Video Converter is that you can actually strip just the audio out of any video file in case you want to make custom MP3 that you can listen to.


My kids love Minecraft YouTube Video parodies, so this allows me to turn those into mp3 songs that they can load into their music playlists for example without having to watch the YouTube video.  This also reminds me of when I was a kid where I created audiobooks before they ever became popular based on movies.

I used to take a VHS output and input it into a cassette recorder and record just the audio of movies onto my own custom movie on tape.  I recorded Legend at the time and used to listen to the movie with the soundtrack in it as if it were an audiobook.  This works for movies with a lot of dialog and music and is good if you feel like listening to a story without watching it like if you are resting on a plane and want to close your eyes or lay in bed where you can close your eyes and imagine the visuals letting your eyes stay closed while you drift off instead of keeping them open to watch something.

Whatever you use WinXDVD HD Video Converter for, I encourage you to give the software a try and you can enter to win your own licensed copy below.  5 people will win a full licensed version of the WinXDVD HD Video Converter software.  This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere, but this is PC software so won’t work on a Mac.

Enter to win WinXDVD HD Video Converter


What video will you convert, or what would you use the software for?

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