WordPress 2.9 Features and Functionality Improvements

Keith Dsouza from Weblog Tools Collection did an excellent write up showing off the new features of WordPress 2.9 beta 2 and showing users what is in store with the new version of wordpress that will be releasing soon. Included in these features are the ability to resize and edit images directly in your wordpress post editor, and a trash can where deleted posts are stored in a trash can for a set number of days instead of being wiped from your database the moment you delete them. This also includes oEmbed as the default media editor for wordpress so you can host your own media content inside your blog by just entering a URL instead of copying and pasting entire embed code from other sites.

For screenshots and more details on the features check out Keith’s post in his link above, I found it very detailed and he did a good job showcasing the new features and functionality.

-Dragon Blogger

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