WordPress 3.4 Updates

WordPress 3.4 released today and there are some great updates worth mentioning that I think should appeal to other bloggers.

Live Theme Previews

Primarily the biggest update being touted is the Theme customization updates which allow live preview of changes to themes that support this functionality without applying the change first.  This allows you to change the look and feel of your blog to find what you want to display to readers before you actually commit to it.


Custom Headers

This allows you to more easily set the size of your header so that you can make more room for your content, or display a bigger header banner.


Automatic Twitter Embeds

Now like YouTube URL’s, you can simply post the status URL of a Tweet and WordPress will automatically embed that tweet into your WordPress post and make it look AWESOME.

The key when posting a Twitter status update is make sure it is http and not https, also you want to “unlink” the status URL and make it just normal text and not a hyperlink.

Better Image Caption Support

Now you can literally embed your html link credits into your image caption instead of having to do it under the image or at the end of your post.  HTML is now allowed in the image caption section when inserting images.  This makes for some cool options!

I did get this image from deposit photos which is a great stock photography site!


Faster WP_Queries

Queries to your WordPress blog posts have been optimized for greater performance, this is supposed to be very helpful for sites with large databases.

There are more, but if you haven’t upgraded your WordPress blogs to WordPress 3.4 yet, then I recommend you do this via your hosting provider “SimpleScripts” or manually.  Remember to take a blog backup first, Backup Buddy does a great job of giving you a clean WordPress backup you can restore every time if there is an issue.

-Dragon Blogger

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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