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I found it quite shocking that when I went to my WordPress comments tab on my WordPress 3.1 installation I saw that the "In Response To" column on my comments screen had completely garbled text and I couldn’t figure out if this was normal or not.


I checked all seven of the blogs that I administrate and all have the same garbled text for the "In Reply To" and since there appears to be some meaning to the algorithm (it is identical for all comments on the same post, I think there is some meaning behind it).

I found this was only happening for my 3 blogs (, and but didn’t appear to happen for my wife’s blogs. I immediately started thinking that my WordPress accounts may have been hacked, or one of my plugins was malfunctioning.

Turns out, this was only happening in Google Chrome, when I loaded my Comments tab in IE 7, IE 8, Opera or Firefox, the proper Post Title displayed just fin in the "In Response To" column.

Then I decided to play around more with Chrome and found that when I shifted font sizes (control plus scroll wheel on mouse) it would show the proper In Response To post titles if I went a font size up or down.


So as it turns out there appears to be some sort of bug in Google Chrome when displaying text at a certain size in WordPress.  I was not able to reproduce it all the time, but I could only at certain font sizes at my own sites.

I am glad this wasn’t a hack or bug in WordPress and instead an anomaly of Google Chrome.  So if you see some garbled text in your Google Chrome browser try switching font size to see if it solves the problem.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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