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On my poetry blog Wanderer Thoughts I have some unusual issues with the Google Analyticator Plugin for WordPress where it shows my GA statistics on my dashboard but some of my top 5 content pages show (not set). Yet, when I visit Google Analytics itself it shows the actual top 5 content just fine, it doesn’t have the “not set” issue. Though if if I hover over the not set link it shows me which post it refers to, it often is the same URL as the top 5 link just under it.  Example below the first “Not Set” with 222 views links to my /top-5-poems page, but that is also listed as number 3 with 149 views, so not sure why it is showing up like this.
GA Plugin

My poetry blog is the only blog that I see the “Not Set” issues, it doesn’t occur in any other of my 8 blogs that use the Google Analyticator Plugin for WordPress, which is a great plugin as it not only inserts your GA on all your pages and posts, but also creates a quick dashboard entry that reduces the number of times you have to go to Google Analytics homepage if you just want quick stats. The only disadvantage is you only see your stats from the previous day as GA doesn’t record visits in real time.

If you want real time visits on your dashboard, I recommend you use Counterize-II or WordPress.com Stats on your WordPress Dashboard, but these create new SQL Database tables and require additional writes to your SQL database for each visit which can affect blog performance. These SQL writes do not cache and WP-Super-Cache will not prevent these SQL writes from occuring (they wouldn’t reflect visits if it wasn’t writing them).

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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