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I decided to test a new WordPress plug-in called “Custom Post Background” which claimed to have the ability to change the background and CSS style for a single post. If this plug-in worked it would be a great way to draw notice to specific posts by changing the color of the background, font style…etc of specific posts.

This is a fantastic idea and this post is my test of the plug-in.

First you have to create the post, you can only edit/change the background of a post after the post is already created. So to do this post, I created it and post dated it so that it would show up in the Custom Post Background Tab.


You have a variety of choices such as:


Image URL: Choose a background image you would prefer to use instead of a color

Repeat: this allows you to repeat the image if you don’t want to use a static sized image

Color: You can input the color as a word (red, blue, black, white) or the Hex value (#FFFFFF, #0124AC…etc)

Display Type:

Display only on Post Page: This will only show your modified background on the post page, but not the homepage where you see your partial post.
Display only on Main/Rachive Page: This will only change the background for the post on your homepage or archive page, not the actual post page.
Display on Both pages: This will change the background on both the main page, archive page and the individual post page.
Display as page background on post page: This will use the background as your whole blog background for the post, not just the post background.
Disable: This disables the custom background for that post.

Try as I might I couldn’t get it to completely fill in the post background, there is some style around it from the CSS of the blog theme. This post will probably work much better for bloggers out there who use default wordpress themes or much simpler blog themes.

It still drew your attention to the color though didn’t it?

-Dragon Blogger

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