WordPress Plugin: Tweet Old Post

I have to thank Richard Wallace for posting about the Tweet Old Post WordPress Plugin by Ajay Matharu which allows you to automatically keep your twitter following updated with articles from your blogging past.

I don’t have to do a full review of the plugin, because you can read about Tweet Old Post from Richard’s blog who does a fine job detailing it.  I will just tell you want you can do with it and why you will want to use it.

Previously I was using a combination of Hootsuite and Twaitter to manually build in recurring or scheduled tweets to re-tweet my blog content which may be a few weeks old but still relevant and valuable to readers who have not read it yet.  This plugin allows you to reduce the amount of manual tweeting and it will automatically select random articles to tweet between the date ranges you set.

You can choose to only tweet articles starting at 30 days (default) or as early as same day.  It will randomly select an article and tweet it based on the interval you set (every hour, 4 hours…etc) you can also put in some random seed time in addition to the minimum interval.

I set mine to tweet every 4 hours, but I have seen people tweet posts hourly.  You can also customize the plugin to exclude specific categories which is good for articles that don’t age well such as those about current events or recent news.

You can set the plugin to have a "prepended" text before the tweet, I chose "Repost:" but I see people do "From the archives:" and other types of disclaimers about it being an older post.

If you are a WordPress blogger and you have lots of blog posts (I have over 1100 posts over 2 years on this site alone) then the Tweet Old Post WordPress Plugin will help put some life into random old articles and who knows, maybe one of them goes viral again?

-Dragon Blogger

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