How Much Value Does SEO Plugin For WordPress Get You?

SEO is a hot topic on every website and blog across the internet for people who use website hosting because how you SEO your site determines how well you can rank on search engines and the like. I was talking with a theme developer the other day on why the theme by default didn’t put meta keywords as the WordPress tags and was directed to the fact that Google completely ignores the META NAME=KEYWORDS tag in the header part of your website.

You can see a video of Matt Cutts himself from Google explaining this and Google’s reason not to use the keywords tags:

(Video is from September 2009) so has been known and talked about for some time on the blogosphere, I am still wondering how many bloggers are still doing their best to keep their META KEYWORDS completely updated as often as possible with the latest and best search terms?

It is still important to research keywords using the Google Keywords tool but instead of using those keywords as META KEYWORDS tags, or wordpress tags you should instead find fluid ways to incorporate those keywords in your post title, body and in the META DESCRIPTION tag instead which is where Google will search to determine the weight and value of your post when listing search results.

Considering the All-In-One-SEO Pack plug-in for wordpress was one of the main plug-ins my hosting provider said consumed lots of RAM and was slowing my sites down, I found no reason to use the plug-in anymore on one of my blogs and completely removed it. I am going to start doing the same on the other blogs if I notice no drop in traffic after a month.

So share your take on the META KEYWORDS issue, some search engines may still use it, but considering I get 80% of my search traffic from Google, 10% from Bing and the rest filtered from Yahoo or other search engines, is it really worth spending so much time updating the META KEYWORDS?

-Dragon Blogger

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