Going to Try WP-Spam Free WordPress Plugin

Thanks to reading an article on Strictly Online Biz I am going to try the WP-Spam Free plug-in for WordPress to see if it helps alleviate my comment problem when installed in conjunction with Akismet.  My biggest problem with Akismet is that I get about 500 comments every 4 days that show up in my SPAM folder, and about 5-8 of them are legitimate comments per day.  This makes it tedious to sift through pages and pages of spam comments to try and find and “mark as not spam” the ones that are legitimate.

This plug-in is supposed to help reduce the number of comments by completely filtering spam, so that even if good comments get caught by Akismet and end up in your akismet spam folder, you have far less to sort through since WP-Spam Free blocked the majority.

I am hoping some good comments don’t get filtered out, so if you leave a comment and it isn’t approved within 24 hours make sure you inform me on twitter (@dragonblogger) or contact me on my form on this site.  I don’t want to block valid comments by accident.  Meanwhile if you want to learn more about WP-Spam Free check out the link to Strictly Online Biz above where Udegbunam talks about his configuration and shows that according to his testing no valid comments were blocked.

-Dragon Blogger

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