YouSayToo: a Blog Network with Revenue Sharing

In the last few weeks I heard about and decided to join this blogging network because they offer AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Revenue sharing and I am always looking to test out new ways to potentially earn extra income from my blogs or online in general.


One thing about is I didn’t realize the site is as big as it is, having an Alexa ranking under 9k means it gets a decent amount of traffic and there must be thousands of bloggers already in the system. 

All you have to is sign up for YouSayToo, create your profile, set your Revenue Settings and then import your blog feeds.  You do need to put the YouSayToo badge on your site if you want to participate in the social network but this is hardly unusual as most blogging networks require a small banner or badge to include you in their system.

They do tell you to create a new AdSense URL Channel for so that you can separate track how much of your AdSense impressions and earnings are coming from your articles shared on YouSayToo.  This is a wise thing to do and I highly recommend it.

I unfortunately forgot to do this when I first set everything up two weeks ago, so I am still waiting for the next 20 days to report on how many impressions my articles get on YouSayToo and how much of my AdSense earnings come from this network.

Currently, I only listed my personal blog and poetry blog in I may add later if I find the site to be particularly favorable.  I also added a Widget Exchange to my poetry blog only, this allows you to gain more traffic by showcasing other YouSayToo blogs in exchange for yours being showcased on other sites as well.  It is a mutual traffic exchange type of system and I am just testing it to see how much traffic comes in from to my Poetry blog.

One thing I like about the system is when you add "Interests" to your profile, you immediately see all other bloggers who added matching interests.  This  makes it easy to add them as friends and connect with others who share the same interests.  The system is also lightning fast for me, you can add people in seconds, pages and profiles load so quickly.  It is refreshing considering the slower speeds of many other blogging networks honestly.

Here is a breakdown of how your articles list on


  • The site does a good job of integrating AdSense blocks on the top and bottom of articles and these are the AdSense blocks you get a % of the revenue sharing for.
  • YouSayToo does also use InfoLinks to make money from your articles but does not do sharing from Infolinks scattered on your post.
  • does read in your blog RSS feed, so if you have your feed set to full feed then the entire blog article will be read in.  This means a user who reads your article on YouSayToo may not go back to original article on your site if they can read full article here.  If you do have full RSS Feeds, then at least use the RSS Footer WordPress plugin and brand your footer with copyright and ownership information.

In Summary

YouSayToo has brought in some traffic to my personal blog, but mostly I have seen quite a few votes and comments on my YouSayToo articles submitted to the site.  As it only imports your current articles going forward, I only have about 40 articles in the system (compared to 3000+ on all my blogs).  So as you have more content fed into the system, presumably you get more pageviews, more revenue and more traffic to your sites. 

I think even if there was no revenue sharing the more you can expose your content online the better, and the social networking aspect appears to be pretty good though the messaging system is kind of unusual in that you handle everything in a popup from your little top right profile area of the screen.  You deal with messages, friend requests all from this little dialog box that expands which took some getting used to.

It is too early to say what the revenue sharing looks like, but so far this looks like a blogging social network I will keep active on.

Feel free to connect with DragonBlogger on YouSayToo and I will be happy to add you to my network.

-Dragon Blogger

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