YouTube Offers 15 Minutes

Google YouTube announced on their blog that they have increased the user content video length to 15 minutes instead of the previous cap of 10 minutes which had been in place for many years.

Now training video enthusiasts don’t have to split as many of their presentations into "Parts" which I had to do with a few of my videos that ran about 12 minutes long.

YouTube is relying on their ContentID matching to prevent people from uploading copyrighted material and to flag it and remove it from the system.

If you uploaded a video previously that was flagged for being "too long" you will have to go back and delete the former video and re-upload it.

For the most part creating a compelling video that is longer than ten minutes and keeps a viewers interest that long isn’t as easy as you would think.  I know myself that keeping video presentations and demonstrations as short as possible is key, so I don’t plan on jumping on the 15 minute video bandwagon unless I have a compelling video demonstration that I can’t wrap up in less time.

This is particularly useful for people who create online entertainment bits that are "webisodes" and allows for some extra time for independent internet TV Shows.

What do you think about the 15 minute increased video time limit?  Is this something you will take advantage of or is 15 minutes not a big concern or benefit for your own content creation?

-Dragon Blogger

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