Zimbio Terminated My Account With No Warning

I had been a member of Zimbio for almost two years and was feeding in my blog feeds to the service where it automatically publishes your articles that it can assign a category and magazine to publish to. You had to go in and manually publish the articles and specify which magazine they should belong to for the articles that couldn’t automatically content match.

Zimbio was a very small but useful source of traffic and I had met about half a dozen people on the site that had become fans of my poetry and or my NBC Heroes articles I used to write. I had not logged into the site for several months and noticed that my account had been terminated.

No warning, no email, just terminated with all of my hundreds of articles submitted being banished from the system. I wasn’t sure why but I did read the terms of service and Zimbio certainly put in the rights to immediately terminate anybody for any reason more or less.

It turns out it only took a few quick emails to the Zimbio team and they reported that one of my submissions had linked to a known malware site. They emailed me my article but my article had actually no links in it whatsoever, so I wondered if maybe the AdSense block or some thing else hijacked that submission and had a link to a malware site? Either way they restored my account and I was able to catch up on my articles, though my account said I had 11 comments and they were from so far back that they weren’t visible in my comment history.

So check your Zimbio account at least a few times a month and if you find your account terminated, email the staff and ask them why. It may be a mistake or your account may be hijacked somehow.

-Dragon Blogger

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