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Looking to increase your audience and get your article noticed?  Become a guest blogger on and be part of the Technology and Entertainment portal that reaches more than 1/2 of a million readers each year. Technology and Entertainment portal is the perfect place to feature an article about gadgets, software, technology, iphone apps, android, Windows tips, blogging and SEO related guides or even if you have a DVD, Movie or TV Show review you want to submit.  All you need to do to become a guest blogger on is follow the instructions below after reading the requirements.

Update (October 2013)

We have received hundreds of guest posts on over the past 3 years and with various Google updates as well as the quality and time it takes to review submissions, the guidelines are now changed. We are waiving the $5 fee for reviewing submissions for publication on if you are writing and linking back to your own blog or website, then you will receive a free guest post as long as it meets our content standards criteria.  If you are writing on behalf of a company or advertiser then you may be assessed  a fee if more than 5 minutes of editing is required for your article unless your article is of exceptional quality.  In the 3 years of accepting guest posts, no submitted guest posts have reached more than 1,000 Pageviews and ranked in the top 50 on the Google Analytics for this site so we care more about content than anything else and if there is a fee it is to ensure only quality submissions are provided and published and covers our time to edit, SEO Optimize or add images.


Requirements for Guest Blogging

  • Your article must be unique and original and contain no less than 500 words
  • Your article may contain a link or two in the byline for credit (you set this up in your profile page and can type html there).  You can include a few links in your article but they must be related to the topic/niche you are talking about and not link to any sales or affiliate page.
  • Your article has to be a topic related to Technology, Social Media, Video Games, Movie or TV Shows or WordPress.
  • Your article must not be a fluff piece, it should have an intro paragraph and a closing paragraph proper with article providing information that informs, educates or entertains.
  • Articles with personality and editorial opinion are preferred.
  • Your content once published becomes property of you may not reuse the article anywhere else on the web.  Your article will be copyscape scanned and if more than 5% of the article matches elsewhere it will be rejected.  There is no reason for duplicate content this just causes the same content to compete with each other in the SERP.

Instructions for Guest Blogging

Simply fill out the guest blogging request form and upload your guest post that you wish to submit, we will review your guest post and contact you if any edits or additional information is needed.

In your content you may include an author bio that requires a name, you may have 1 or 2 links of your choice in author bio only, links in article should be to relevant sites to article only.  Submitting your guest post as a word document is preferred.


Be a Guest Blogger

Enter the first social media account URL you want to include as contest sponsor
Enter the second social media account URL you want to include as contest sponsor
To comply with Google guidelines, it is highly recommended that a Google Plus author link be established for the author of the guest post, this helps to validate and prevent the guest post from being identified as spam. We will link the author's Google plus as the rel="author" for the article.

txt, doc, live writer formats accepted. Guest post must be 100% original content and copyscape proof, content must be high quality and you will be contacted after content is reviewed.
If the foregoing accurately reflects our agreement with respect to the subject matter hereof, please indicate by checking the box adjacent to "Accepted and Agreed To." By checking that box, the Guest Writer acknowledges that she/he agrees to be bound by these guidelines as amended by this writing and that the Guest Writer has all necessary authority and clearance to enter into and perform such guidelines. The Guest Writer's account will be activated only after receives an executed copy of this document. Activation of the Guest Writer's account is' agreement to the terms hereof. Please retain a copy of this document for your records.

We are also looking or freelance bloggers and writers to hire, if you are interested in becoming a paid writer for you can also inquire about this position here, which will pay you per article every month as long as you write 4 articles per month minimum.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino
Justin Germino
  • Olawale Daniel

    Thanks for the awesome website designing you put on this page. I have sent you an email about my guest post.

    • Justin Germino

      Sent you information on how to proceed.

      • tonygreene113

        Do you mind if I add this video tutorial to my guest posting page? Will give attribution link back to this link or main site homepage.

        • Dragon Blogger

          @tonygreene113 Be my guest, grab the video from YouTube and embed, I don’t mind.

  • Gunny

    Very interesting opportunity here. Will try to submit my first guest post here. I hope my articles could live in your awesome blog :)

  • Logiseek

    How can i post a guest blog. I did not get any way to submit a post.

    • Dragon Blogger

       @Logiseek I have to upgrade you to a contributor account, I am catching up on emails I was out of town all weekend.

  • James Duval

    Hi Justin, I’ve been reading this blog about six-ish months now, really enjoyed a number of your posts. I think it was this site that introduced me to waterproof ‘skins’ for smartphones, which have since kind of saved my life…
    I was just wondering, to clarify, does “sales page” refer to any page of an ecommerce website, or to a specific type of page within those websites?
    Thanks if you can explain!

    • Dragon Blogger

       @James Duval Correct, you cannot link to a page that has the “add to card” or purchase directly from the link, it can be the homepage or an article on a site that sells products, but the link cannot directly lead to the sale action.

      • Dragon Blogger

         @James Duval add to cart, not card.

        • James Duval

           @Dragon Blogger Great! Thanks for clearing that up. :)

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    Dear Sir,


    I am a freelance writer for Health and Wellness. I thoroughly enjoyed reading at your blog. I would like to contribute to your blog. Let me know your words about this.

    Would like to add one or two back links for my web site. i can get back to you about the topics.

    Looking forward for your revert.
    Mail :

    Thanking you.

    Manasi Deshpande

    • Justin Germino

      Need to fill out the proper guest publishing form, a technology blog linking to a health and wellness blog isn’t the most ideal type of backlink, Google penalizes if site you link to isn’t in same niche even if you do link from author bio.

  • Fakhri Ashour

    five + = 13

    when ever i put ’8′ it says That CAPTCHA was incorrect.

    • Justin Germino

      I am getting 5-10 form submissions per day from this, and nobody has reported issues, perhaps restart and sometimes it asks 5 * instead of plus, I think x instead of * maybe? Try a different browser and let me know if issue still occurs.