Become a Giveaway Sponsor

Becoming a co-sponsor of a Dragon Blogger Giveaway can help your brand and channels grow in following, you get an excellent return on investment (ROI) for your sponsorship and all of our co-sponsors have been satisfied with the returns on their growth in social media following for their co-sponsorship.

How Does Giveaway Co-Sponsorship Work?

See the video to explain how it works, but basically you help fund the cost of a prize with various pricing levels and in exchange you get actions users can perform to enter the giveaway.

This could include getting visits/follows for Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Visiting Your Webpage and signing up for something, watching a video, joining a Facebook group and much more.

What Benefits Do I Get From Being a Giveaway Co-Sponsor

Increased Brand Awareness

Your brand and channels are mentioned numerous times and shared among our social media following and included in our newsletter which has a total reach of more than 100,000 users combined.   This also includes backlinking and SEO benefits from having links from and other properties linking back to your channel/store/page as a brand.

Increased Following

Depending on the co-sponsorship level and prize being awarded you can increase your following for your social media channel by thousands, this is especially beneficial to smaller or newer brands or influencers who need an initial boost.  But even larger brands can gain benefit with exposure to our audience and following.

Priority Press Release Options and Social Shares

Brand partners who have co-sponsored a giveaway in the last month get a priority on any press releases they need published, social shares for for any events, and promotions/coupon or sales they want to share and promote.  This can benefit brands by getting free press releases, social media shares and exposure to more product sales.  For influencers this is free promo and sharing for when you create new content, live stream and more.

Interested?  Sign Up To Be a Potential Co-Sponsor Now

If you sign up you will be kept in an email list and contacted to see if you want to co-sponsor an upcoming giveaway, if you wish to be removed from the list at any time you can just reply and ask to be removed.

Co-Sponsor a Giveaway

Advertisers will email you at this email so you need to make sure you check it regularly
Please checkmark and fill in all social media networks names/URL's that you have presence with.
Let us know what you are looking for in a giveaway and the type of partnership you are looking for.