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  • 01/26/2022 Amazon Deals of the Day
    Welcome back, Dragon Blogger’s fans. Today, we are going to show you more tech related deals of the day for you. If you are looking for an affordable robot vacuum, then don’t forget to give iRobot Roomba a try. Next on the list is an essential device during this COVID era – a Non-Contact Thermometer. Finally, a jaw-dropping deal for a streaming device from Fire TV stick. iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity iRobot marks … Read more
  • Today’s Amazon Spotlight Deals 01/25/2022 #FoundItOnAmazon
    Another day, another tons of new deals from Amazon for us to discover. We are almost done with the first month of January, can you believe it ? In today’s special deals, there are three outstanding products that I would love to show. We will start off with a wireless noise cancelling headphone from Beats. After that, we will have a fantastic air purifier at 29% discount from Pure Enrichment. Third and final on the … Read more
  • AI-Generative Art & NFT Trends in 2022
    No doubt, 2021 has been a year of surging in the popularity of NFT. It’s not only developers who know about this digital tool but also thousands of artists, musicians, and other enthusiasts. While the initial NFT hype people associate with a lot of speculative chains, impulses related to self-expression are the more fundamental drivers. This is very important for the identity of art collecting. Many enthusiasts use NFT as a tool to make money … Read more
  • Trigon: Space Story Upcoming Sci-Fi Strategy Roguelike from Gameforge now Partnered with Studio Sernur.Tech
    Trigon: Space Story from Sernur.Tech, a Russian indie development studio created by two farmers, is a single-player, roguelike strategy game inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light. Gameforge recently announce that they will publish the game — which has gathered tons of positive feedback and thousands of wishlists on Steam from hardcore fans of FTL — as their first single-player offline game. The demo for Trigon: Space Story is available now on Steam. If you’re a … Read more
  • A look at TESmart Dual HDMI Switches
    Whether you’re running a streaming setup with a dedicated computer in addition to your gaming desktop, or you’re just needing an easy way to switch inputs, HDMI switches are always a fantastic alternative to simply attempting to control everything via analog controls. These particular HDMI switches have the unique feature of allowing you to control both PCs with one set of keyboard and mouse. They’re quite the powerhouse of technological innovation. These feature multiple ways … Read more
  • How To Use SFTP To Securely Transfer Files With A Remote Server
    SFTP To Securely Transfer Files With A Remote Server SFTP, also known as Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a file transfer method, which uses secure shell encryption that provides complete security while receiving or sending files. SFTP is used when a secure transfer of sensitive data is required. Get an SFTP server solution that’s highly scalable with no restrictions on the number of trading partners. The following steps demonstrate how to set up a secure … Read more
  • Todays Deals: 1/20/2022
    It’s the twentieth of January, and I’ve curated some lovely products for you to take a peek at. From a Sony Smart TV to Galaxy Earbuds straight from Samsung, these should be sure to whet any tech enjoyers’ intellectual appetite, making a perfect gift for the upcoming holiday (Valentine’s day!). Let’s dive right in and get to talking about them! SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbuds  These sleek, gorgeous earbuds come in multiple colors … Read more
  • Expeditions: Rome – New Trailer Shows Siege Battles
    Vindobona, Noricum / Hafnia, Daniae, Januarii XVIII, MMXXII: Chalkedon must fall! The city dared to stand up against the Roman Empire, this cannot go unpunished! Legio Victrix has laid siege to the city and is preparing for an assault. Legatus, you must choose the strategy. We have several goals to fulfill: The roman hostages must be freed, the enemy catapults must be taken out and we have to eliminate the enemy commander. Choose wisely, the … Read more
  • Outwit and outmatch your military opponent in Air, Land & Sea
    War themed game seems to be one of the most intimidated board games. They are either too dry, or have too many fiddly rules to resolve conflicts. However, Jon Perry delivered one of the most accessible war themed games to board game lovers: Air, Land & Sea. I-How to play. This is a two-player game. In the game, each person will be a leader of a faction to control 3 Theaters of War: land, sky … Read more
  • Sweet Dreams with Sheepy Time Game
    One of the most effective ways to fall asleep is counting sheep jumping over a fence. Today, I’ll bring you Sheepy Time from AEG publisher. In the game, players will be the Dream Sheep, the one that people often count to drift into the land of dreams. Each time the sheep jumps over the fence, the player will fall asleep more easily. But somewhere in that dark corner, there is still the ghost of Nightmare … Read more
  • Enter the LamerGamer DragonBlogger Team Up Giveaway
    LamerGamer who is one of our very own DragonBlogger Team members streaming on Sunday’s is on the verge of celebrating a massive success for his YouTube channel and we want to help get him over the edge as he is so close to YouTube partnership. So what better what to celebrate than to run a giveaway right? Join us in this event and enter to win a $100 PayPal, Amazon or Steam gift card by … Read more
  • Overview of Tekhenu- Obelisk of the Sun Board Game
    Overview The game is set in ancient Egypt. In the game, there is an obelisk, and an area to trigger the action. These 6 areas represent the 6 Ancient Egyptian Gods. In their turn,  players will take the dice of any area to do the action of that God. Otherwise, they can use the dice to produce the corresponding resource. Each area has 3 lands, Forbidden Land, Contaminated Land, and Pure Land. There are 5 … Read more
  • What Gamers Look for in Their Favorite Video Games
    Credit: Matilda Wormwood via Pexels Video games have been one of the most popular past-times for young children and even adults for decades. Since the first credited game, Pong, came out in the 1970s, the industry has been steadily growing and innovating ever since — from expansive multi-player universes to simpler puzzle and question-based games, there is a seemingly unlimited amount of options for gamers to choose from. In a competitive market like this one, … Read more
  • Merchants Cove – Merchants of The Five Realms
    Since 2016, Final Frontier Game has hatched a bold plan of its own, building a universe in it with many different titles and different gameplay. More than just a collection of games with the same theme like the ALEA collection, Final Frontier Game simply wants to create a connection between games, like how Ryan Laukat did with the world of Arzium 2021 welcomes the newest game in the Five Realms universe – Merchants Cove. In … Read more
  • Simple Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2022
    Are you running a business on social media? If yes, you must have an Instagram profile and look to optimize for success at social levels. When it is about getting a better return on investment, Instagram may be one of the priorities for brands. And for visual appeal, it can be a rather amazing one for your brand. So, get a better understanding of how you can get more engagement on this platform in 2022. … Read more
  • Corrosion – The Race Against Rusted Machines
    Corrosion Overview Smiling, you stand in the center of your factory: the sweet sounds of metal clattering and engines rattling are warming your entrepreneurial heart. Your goal is to build diversified scoring and production engines in order to outrival the other factory owners. However, in the steam-filled air, your biggest enemy is time, because most machines and gears rust away quickly. So you are well advised to also produce rustproof chrome gears and invest in … Read more
  • 3 Indoor Cycling Bikes Compatible with Peloton or Zwift
    Peleton and Zwift are two exciting new ways to guide your workout, and the current market features so many different exercise tools that integrate both of them into one fantastic package. I’ve got three fantastic ones for you to show off, from names like RENPHO, YESOUL, and even the brand name in fitness backed by multiple celebrity endorsements: BOWFLEX. Let’s get started! RENPHO Ai Smart Exercise Bike Technical Specs Item Dimensions: 40 x 20 x … Read more
  • Beginner’s Guide To Halo Infinite Multiplayer
    Halo revolutionized multiplayer gaming, creating a competitive landscape that everyone wants to dominate. However, if you’re just getting into the series with Halo Infinite, you may feel like you’re behind the curve. And if you’re still debating on whether to get the game or not, make sure to load up on some Xbox Live Gift Card from OffGamers right here! Anyways, don’t fret. You’re far from being the only one, and there are surefire ways … Read more
  • A Quick Glance at the iScooter from iSinWheel
    The iScooter is an adult-sized e-scooter with a max range of 21.7 miles which also happens to be its max speed. It’s a pretty powerful scooter given its size, with sturdy construction and a solid frame. It sports a 350W motor that delivers responsive acceleration and superior hill-climbing ability. Some of its key features include: Wet Weather Riding Climbing Hills Loads of up to 120kg Made for novice and advanced riders alike It has some … Read more
  • Winners of the Amazon Gift Card Newsletter Giveaway
    If you were a newsletter email subscriber you got notified about a special giveaway where 10 random people who were followers of both our email and Amazon Influencer store would be chosen to win a $20 Amazon Gift card. This giveaway was exclusive to email subscribers and served as a loyalty reward for remaining email fans, since many of my giveaways are on Discord and on the site, I wanted to ensure that email subscribers … Read more