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  • Showcasing the Bwine F7 GPS 4K Drone
    Do you need a drone with high-quality recording and easy to use? Drones are one of the most fun and modern technological devices that exist today. The drone can be used to obtain unique images thanks to the ease of flight. With a drone, you can record videos with incredible angles and get unique memories. They are often used to record cinematics, landscapes, weddings, parties, and much more. In the United States alone, more than … Read more
  • Looking for a high-end cell phone?  Look at Google Pixel 5 – 5G
    Though the Pixel 6 Just Released a Pixel 5 is Still a Good Buy The Google Pixel 5 is a cell phone that has advanced technology. It is manufactured by the tech giant Google. This phone offers everything you can expect from Google. It is a cell phone with unique features both in the hardware and software section. The Pixel 5 is characterized by having a high-quality camera that competes mainly with IOS. Discover the … Read more
  • Excellent Budget Gaming Laptop Option: Check out the ASUS gaming laptop with GeForce RTX 3050Ti
    Looking for a gaming laptop with current components? The world of video games evolves rapidly and the graphics cards of previous generations become obsolete in the face of games of great demand. Current games usually ask for a great graphic demand. With releases from upcoming games like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Sons of the Forest, and Forza Motorsport would surely like to be prepared and have a powerful graphic. Nvidia RTX series is the most … Read more
  • 16 Ways Merch Stores like Shopping Dragons Can Save You Time and Money
    As we all know, there has been a great increase in the use of mobile devices over the years, and more and more businesses are adopting ecommerce as a sales channel. Merch stores are becoming a popular way for artists and brands to make money now. But they’re also helping to provide shoppers with good online shopping experiences. Merch stores help brands build deeper relationships with their customers, providing them with a space to express … Read more
  • Showcasing the WEMAX Dice PRO portable FHD projector!
    Projectors are generally thought of as stationary objects, planted in your favorite room to ensure you have a fantastic home cinema experience waiting for you after a long day at work, but what about those times when having a projector on hand would be an absolute party saver? WEMAX has the answer in the form of the WEMAX DICE PRO, a compact portable projector for use in outdoor entertainment and travel. This piece of tech … Read more
  • Forspoken: Storyline, Platforms, New Release Date, and everything to expect in the new upcoming RPG Game
    Project Athia recently renamed Forspoken is a Luminous Productions and Square Enix action-packed and violent-induced RPG game (still in development) that is stated to be released exclusively on PC and PS5 in October this year. An announcement made at the PS5 showcase by Sony in 2020 revealed how players will take up the personality of Frey in the upcoming game in an outwardly quest labeled as intriguing and thrilling by Luminous Production and Square Enix … Read more
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Action-induced Gameplay and Preview
    The latest entry in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, will be released on the Nintendo Switch on the 29th of July after being pushed back from its original release date which ought to be around September this year. The game takes place in a world called Aionios, which is made up of a series of floating islands that are inhabited by humans and other creatures. The world was once peaceful but has since … Read more
  • Working Outside? A Quick Look at the GearIT LED COB Work Light
    Planning on doing a bit of late night work during the quickly approaching summer months? If that’s the case, proper illumination is a necessity, and sometimes your porch light simply won’t cut it. Thankfully GearIT has a solution for us today with their 2000 Lumen Work Light! A good work light has a few standard features I’d say are the bare minimums: It needs to be bright, the cable needs to be relatively long, and … Read more
  • Free Games Coming to Amazon Prime Members for Prime Day
    See what You Tend to Miss without Amazon Prime for Prime Day Extravaganza Starting from the 12th of July Ever heard of Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime is a membership program that lets you and thousands of people across the world get free 2-day shipping on any eligible items and access to Amazon’s growing library of streaming video, music, and e-books. How it work? Amazon Prime is available to anyone who has an Amazon account and … Read more
  • Need a Spy Camera for Your Home? Check out XISRU
    Do you need a hidden camera to monitor the care of your child or family member? XISRU is an amazing spy camera at an affordable price. It’s important to keep an eye on what’s going on in your home. This spy camera can be used to monitor your child’s care, protect your home, and much more. Often, many people distrust their children’s caregivers (something very normal). This spy camera allows you to monitor your house … Read more
  • PUBG Mobile: 7 Tips to Help You Push Rank Faster
    Want to quickly rank up in PUBG Mobile? While becoming a better player helps, it’s important to know how the rank system works, too. Either that or you could get a little boost with some PUBG Mobile UC through OffGamers here. Anyways, we’ve decided to put together this list of 7 tips to help you push rank faster in PUBG Mobile to help improve your mechanics and maximize your RP in every match. Let’s jump … Read more
  • Looking for a high quality laptop for work?
    Need a premium laptop? Check out Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 9310 The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is a laptop with the best components on the market that has high-quality components and guarantees great reliability. It’s ideal if you need a high-performance laptop at work or if you want to use resource-intensive programs. This laptop is priced above $1500 but is justified in build quality and excellent performance. Remember that this laptop is not designed to … Read more
  • Save the Date: July 12 & 13—Prime Day Returns Offering Amazon’s Lowest Prices Ever on Select Products
    The two-day savings event includes must-have brands such as Beats, Casper, ELEMIS, Levi’s, iRobot, and SharkNinja; fashion styles from Amazon Essentials and Simple Joys by Carter’s; and Amazon’s lowest prices ever on select products from Sony, Bose, and GE Early deals start June 21, including 55% off select Amazon devices, up to 50% off Fire TV, and more deals from top brands like De’Longhi, Dove, and SodaStream Prime members can also win big prizes by supporting small businesses … Read more
  • Need a Better Tablet than the Fire Tablets? Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet
    Tablet to give to your child. Look at Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Looking for a good quality tablet, but do not want to spend a fortune? The Samsung Galaxy TAb A8 Tablet is an excellent modern device manufactured for the purpose of getting good screen quality, sound, and performance.  It has many interesting features and specifications. This tablet can be used by children and can even be used for jobs. Includes the Android operating system. … Read more
  • Need a Small Portable TV? Look at the Tyler 9
    Looking for a TV to wear during travel? This amazing portable TV is the ultimate solution. There is no excuse to be able to watch the news no matter where you are. It is an interesting invention that will make his life easier. It is available in two versions. This television works like any television. It includes all connections so you can play games, connect USB, and more. It includes a stand so that it … Read more
  • Best way to get a Legendary card in Gwent
    Legendary cards are known to be the best type of cards in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, beating up Common, Epic and Rare cards.  Unfortunately, the more precious the item, the harder it is to get it. That is also the case for Legendary cards in Gwent. They are precious but very hard to get.  How do you get a Legendary card in Gwent? In the Gwent world, you can get a Legendary card by … Read more
  • Camtasia 2022:  19 Impressive Features To Create & Showcase Compelling Videos
    Screen recording is the modern convenient way for anyone to create video tutorials, especially now that creating videos has become an integral part of content marketing and search engine optimization activities. However, while there are many screen capture and screen recording software out there that you can use, the biggest issue faced by content creators and business owners is the quality of output. For example, you might have a perfectly narrated video, but due to … Read more
  • eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell Kit + GIVEAWAY
    Doorbells have been an established part of most homes for an extremely long time, and as time progresses and we lean towards technological advances of course doorbells will follow suit. They’ve already had features such as custom tones, interesting designs, and even some more innovative ones as we progress further into the future. Enter eufy and the eufy Security battery-powered video doorbell kit. A Video Doorbell allows you to check exactly who’s at your door … Read more
  • Enter to Win an ELEGOO Neptune 2S 3D Printer
    So when polling for fans about what they wanted as our next giveaway after the Nintendo Switch giveaway the majority of fans had an interest in dabbling with 3D Printing and a 3D Printer giveaway was voted as the next big prize giveaway from DragonBlogger. So we had reviewed a few 3D Printers here on the team and I made the decision to choose 1 specific model that was the arguably the best bang for … Read more
  • Looking for a portable radio? Look at Panasonic RF-2400D
    Do you need a radio that takes up little space? The Panasonic RF-2400D radio is an incredible and compact radio that allows you to take it anywhere. This radio has an old appearance but is built with current materials that will significantly improve its quality and durability. It offers two signals (AM and FM). This radio is a perfect gift for your grandparents, uncles, and friends. This radio includes everything you need to start using … Read more