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  • Be A Stealthy Vampire in VR with Fast Travel Games’ Vampire: the Masquerade – Justice
    In a recent PlayStation Blog post, Creative Director Erik Odeldahl at Fast Travel Games shared some news for an upcoming PlayStation VR2 title. Vampire the Masquerade – Justice *Image from PlayStation Blog. Starting from the Beginning Vampire: The Masquerade is a story rich world that started as a tabletop role-playing game in 1991. Over the years, it has amassed a cult following. Generally, the game uses a cursed vampiric condition to set the backdrop for … Read more
  • The Best Portable SSDs to Save Your Favorite Games
    As you know, HDD hard drive is a thing of the past, it’s literally a piece of junk, which is a bit disappointing since they’re cheap. SDD storage has become so important that most games need one of these things to run efficiently, otherwise, you’ll end up with a loading screen of more than a minute. Fortunately, the price of SDD storage has dropped dramatically compared to previous years, so you can get a 500 … Read more
  • Charge up to 4 Devices at the Same Time with the Satechi 165W USB C Charger
    Would you like to charge all your cell phones with the same charger? A USB C charging hub is one of the best ways Fast charging is one of the most impressive aspects of cell phones, some of the new phones are designed so that they can get a full charge in just over 1 hour, which is something that could be difficult to imagine from images a few years ago. Laptops also use fast … Read more
  • BenQ TK850i Projector: Watch Your Favorite Movies in Native 4K
    Looking for a high-end projector to play your favorite movies in the best quality? If you are a lover of movies and series, it is likely that you always look for ways to get the best quality. The idea of having your own cinema no longer seems like a dream, the projectors are designed so that you can enlarge the image, so you end up with a small cinema in your own home. Something to … Read more
  • Anker PowerHouse 757 Power Station: Keeping Your Devices On has Never Been Easier
    Looking for a powerful portable power station to keep your devices on no matter where you are? If you are one of those who usually travel frequently, you should surely know that it is often difficult to find a reliable source of electricity (especially if you travel to nature).   Natural disasters often cause electrical problems in your home, so if you want to avoid all those problems, then having a portable power station at home … Read more
  • PowerWash Simulator – Physical Copies Available Soon and Why You Should Get the Game in General
    Let me start by saying: FuturLab and Square Enix have outdone themselves with creating a content-rich simulator game. Let’s be honest, a simulator game’s longevity caters to a specific set of audience; and that is if the developer is able to provide adequate balances and engaging content. *Image obtained from Amazon. Somehow, FuturLab has come up with a formula that speaks to the success of PowerWash Simulator. I won’t bore you with all the details … Read more
  • SmartCocoon Smart Vent – A Way to Stay Cool and Possibly Save Some Money during Summer 2023
    With Summer already here, many are experiencing high temperatures and it may be difficult for you to find ways of trying to stay cool. Staying cool in the summer can be very challenging depending on the year. Here is an option you might not have known about or given much consideration. Introducing the SmartCocoon Smart Vent/Register Booster Fan. What is it and how does it work? In short, this is a physical device that is … Read more
  • Capcom’s Resident Evil Brand and Services Survey – A Chance to Submit Your Voice for the Future of the Franchise and Potential Remakes
    Resident Evil fans rejoice! There is an opportunity to have your voices heard! *Image from Capcom’s Resident Evil Survey. Capcom released a Resident Evil survey to gather feedback on a variety of items – remakes included. Let’s take a look at what you can expect. How long does the survey take? Overall, I would suggest setting aside at least 10-20 minutes for the survey. That number may vary depending on reading speed, loading/navigation times, length … Read more
  • Recharge Your Cell Phone Anywhere with the BLAVOR PN-W05 Power Bank
    Looking for a good quality power bank to recharge your cell phone no matter where you are? If you are one of those who usually travel frequently, you probably know that sometimes it is difficult to find the energy to recharge our devices. Most modern cell phones have a good battery, but applications consume more and more resources, so most of the time you will only get enough energy for 1 day. Fortunately, you no … Read more
  • Heybike Race Max: An Electric Bike with a Traditional Design
    Looking for an adult bike that allows you to explore the streets of your city in a faster way? During the summer it is normal for many people to start doing more exercise and of course, riding a bicycle is one of them. Everyone enjoys a hot day and what better way to enjoy the summer than with a bicycle. You may not be in the best physical condition, so riding a bike during the … Read more
    Join us in celebrating the diversity and strength of the women of One Piece, with Mighty Jaxx’s latest collection, Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece Ladies Series! From the anime series that captured the hearts and minds of millions worldwide, we bring you Nico Robin, Toko, Nami, and more, in ways you’ve never seen them before! About the Collection: Renowned artist, Jason Freeny, introduces his signature half-and-half dissected art style to the mighty women of One Piece, showing their … Read more
  • Get Amazing Footage with the Veeniix V11 Drone
    Looking for an easy-to-use drone to take some aerial photographs and videos? Drones are probably the most popular remote-controlled vehicle of recent years. You can do a lot of things when you use a drone (record the sunset, stunts, or just have fun). One of the reasons why drones have become more popular is because it is now possible to get a good quality one at a good price, so if you are a beginner … Read more
  • How Does the EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower Work?
    Tired of paying for lawn cleaning? Get the job done without getting your hands dirty with a smart lawn mower Summer is one of the best seasons of the year, we can do many fun things during this season. Although as you know summer is mainly characterized by high temperatures. Another thing that usually happens in summer is that your lawn begins to grow, which means that you should cut it more often if you … Read more
  • Charge Your Phone and Laptop Anywhere with the Baseus 65W Power Bank
    Looking for a high-capacity power bank to keep all your devices running when you need to travel? If you are one of those who travel frequently, you surely know that finding a reliable energy source can be really complicated. Often people tend to travel to nature (especially during the summer), so if you are one of them then you know that keeping your devices on is an important thing. One of the best ways to … Read more
  • Why is the EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus One of the Best-Selling Portable Power Stations?
    Looking for a reliable power source to keep your devices running during electrical problems at the house? Electrical problems are becoming more common in our homes. Often these types of problems are linked to hurricanes and devastating natural phenomena, so if you live in a hurricane-prone area then you may want to be prepared. One of the best ways to get a reliable power source is by using a portable power station. Why? You get … Read more
  • Win a Nintendo Switch with Tears of the Kingdom
    Back by popular demand! We are giving away another Nintendo Switch portable gaming console and this time we are including a copy of the latest Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s been several years since Link saved Hyrule from Calamity Ganon, but the kingdom is still recovering. The land is ravaged by a mysterious calamity, and Link must travel across Hyrule to find the source and stop it from destroying … Read more
  • EMEET M0 Plus: The Perfect Speaker for Conferences
    Tired of audio problems in your conferences? Discover one of the best speakers Conferences through platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype are increasingly popular to communicate with our loved ones or at work. Even though these platforms are very stable most of the time you may have some tedious issues that can ruin your experience. Audio problems are probably common and I know how annoying that can be, most of the time is … Read more
  • Watch Your Favorite in the Best Way with the COI Projector
    Looking for a good quality projector to turn your home into a cinema? If you are one of those who love to watch movies and series, then surely, you usually go to the cinema frequently. Although going to the cinema is one of the most fun pastimes for most people, you don’t always have the time to go. I know that everyone has ever dreamed of having their own home theater and may think that … Read more
  • PlayStation Showcase 2023 – What you missed and Spiderman 2 Gameplay Footage
    Image taken from PlayStation Blog. This year’s PlayStation Showcase definitely gave us more than a few games and items to be excited about. Let’s jump in and take a look at what you might have missed and what I’m most excited about. If you would like to see the replay of the showcase, you can see it on YouTube here. Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Mode (PSVR 2) The Resident Evil 4 Remake VR mode … Read more
  • ECHZOVE PSVR 2 Controller Charging Station
    Image taken from the Amazon Product page. Finding the right form of charging accessories can be a pain. Finding a company that has more than one model to find what you need can sometimes be even harder. Our dragon blogger team took a look at the ECHZOVE PSVR 2 Charging Station here: The ECHZOVE PSVR 2 Charging Station offers a convenience when it comes to charging those controllers. Let’s take a look at some of … Read more