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  • iPhone 14 Pro Vs Samsung Z Fold 4: Comparing Top 6 Features + Which One to Buy? (2023)
    Image credit: Unsplash Apple and Samsung are two of the giants in the mobile phone industry. Both companies are responsible for some of the best smartphones we have seen. While the devices differ massively in looks and performances, they are similar in one thing – reliability. Also, with the launch of the new iPhone 14 Pro from Apple and the Z Fold 4 from Samsung, we now have two premium mobile phones that are changing … Read more
  • How the CyberPower 1500VA UPS backup battery can save your electrical equipment
    Worried about unexpected power outages in your home? Find out how to protect your electrical equipment in case that happens The electrical problems are so unexpected that our computers may be on and as you know that can be very scary. When power fails in our home, energy-efficient electrical equipment can suffer significant damage, which could become a waste of money that is sure to make you angry. Having a gamer computer with an expensive … Read more
  • TerraMaster Launches Hyper Cache Acceleration Tool
    December 8th, 2022 Shenzhen, China – TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises announces the TerraMaster Hyper Cache – a storage cache acceleration tool developed in-house by TerraMaster. Compared to traditional SSD cache, Hyper Cache provides three different cache modes wherein each offer different advantages in different scenarios. TerraMaster Hyper Cache supports RAID arrays. Combined with TerraMaster specially developed SSD disk array, Hyper Cache allows users … Read more
  • Recharge your devices anywhere with the ALLWEI portable power station
    Looking for a portable power station to charge your equipment when you don’t have power available?  Power outages are becoming more common problems, so it’s important to have a reliable source of power in case you need to travel or have electrical problems at home. There are 2 popular ways to recharge devices. You can use a power bank or a power station, both usually operate silently. While a power bank might be enough if … Read more
  • Why should you use the SABRENT Rocket 4 Plus NVMe on your computer?
    Tired of using an external hard drive to save your games? Games are getting heavier, which can end up with the internal storage of our computers. Games like Red Redemption 2 take up close to 100GB, so you know that can be a problem if your SSD storage is a bit limited. Although the SSD is still quite fast, it cannot be compared to NVMe SSD storage, the read speed is incredibly fast, allowing you … Read more
  • The 5 Best Games for PS5 of 2022
    There is little left for this 2022 to end and if you have a PS5 you would surely like to try some of the games with the best ratings this year. There are very good games that were released in 2022, although as you know, most games are available for the PS4 and PS5. The developers seem that they still do not dare to completely squeeze the PS5, so, hopefully, in the next year they … Read more
  • Charge your iPhone anywhere with the VRURC mini power bank
    Looking for a compact power bank to charge your iPhone while you’re not at home? Charging our iPhones is always a problem, especially when you are not at home. As you know, the iPhone is so exclusive that it uses a lightning cable, which is not compatible with any other device other than Apple, quite smart right? When we are not at home it can become a headache, so it is best to use a … Read more
  • Dragon Blogger 300 Dollar Giveaway
    So I went to the Facebook Group and did a poll on what we should do for our next giveaway, should we do a Nintendo Switch, a single $300 Gift Card or 3 $100 gift cards, and by winner of over 60% of the vote the fans chose to do a split 3 winner $100 gift card giveaway. So this is what we are going to do, so here is your chance right now to … Read more
  • 3 Budget Drones You Can Get for Less than $100
    The gifts are very fun remote-control vehicles and, in most cases, they are easy to use, so, it can be a good way to have fun, but they can also be a great gift for anyone who loves remote control vehicles. You probably won’t want an overpriced drone unless you want one with a professional camera and more advanced features. If you’re just looking for something that can amuse you then it’s not worth spending … Read more
  • Connect more devices to your computer with the Belkin USB 3.0 hub
    Are you taking up all the USB ports on your computer and need to connect more devices? Although most computers usually include multiple USB ports, that may not always be enough. Most people usually use different peripherals that can limit the number of USB ports available and that can be a problem if you need to connect more devices. There aren’t many things you can do, but why not use a USB port to multiply … Read more
  • Lumarys Smart Slim Disk Lights Showcase!
    Lumary is no stranger to lighting fixtures, and a good set of lights will add atmosphere to any otherwise dull, drab room. Their Model B disk lights provide a colorful way to light up and accent any part of your living space, be it your sitting room or personal den. It’s flush with features including one particular one that makes it quite the handy bit of lighting. Its design is sleek but simple, and installation … Read more
  • Why do you need to pair the Logitech K400 PLUS Wireless Touch Keyboard with your TV?
    Tired of taking forever while browsing your Smart TV apps? If there’s one thing that can be very stressful, it’s using the remote control to navigate TV apps. Regardless of the brand, the vast majority offer a basic remote, which can become torture when you need to search for a video on YouTube or search for something fun in the browser. This is one of the reasons why fewer and fewer people use televisions, but … Read more
  • Why is the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone so popular?
    Do you need a good-quality drone that allows you to get 4K recordings? Drones are very fun remote-control vehicles that also allow us to obtain incredible recordings. Drones are also used for professional recordings, but it is common for many people to use them for their recordings. You can do many things with a drone (record the landscape, get film and spectacular sports recordings). Unlike in previous years, it is now much cheaper to get … Read more
  • Reasons why you should buy the iClever BK10 Bluetooth keyboard
    Looking for a wireless keyboard that offers you comfort when typing for a long time? When we need to type for a long time, we might end up tired if we use conventional keyboards. Not all keyboards are designed to type, so not always a gamer keyboard is best if you are looking for something that allows you to write comfortably during your writing work. If you’re looking for something for work or college, then … Read more
  • Enjoy movies outside the home with the NEBULA Mars II Pro 500 projector
    Looking for a portable projector to enjoy a night of movies with your family or friends? When you want to spend time with your family or friends watching a movie is possibly one of the best ways to entertain yourself healthily. Using a projector may be the best solution if you want to expand the playback size. Portable projects have become popular the latter and it is now possible to get them for an incredible … Read more
  • 6 Cleaning Challenges Quality Floor Buffers can help you solve
    In today’s world, there are many different kinds of home cleaning products. Some are designed to clean surfaces and hard-to-reach places in your home; others are meant for use on floors or carpets. One thing they all have in common is that they’re designed to make your life easier by helping you solve certain kinds of cleaning challenges. I’m going to talk about six common problems that quality floor buffers like Prolux Core 15 loaded … Read more
  • Make Everywhere Sparkle in 20 MINUTES Using the new EVERYBOT Hard Floor Mopping Robot
    One of the hardest chores to tackle in any household is mopping and sweeping. It’s a time-consuming, back-breaking task that never seems to end. That is, until now! The new EVERYBOT Three Spin Cleaning Bot gives you a new and improved way to clean up your hard floors. The new Everybot Three Spin Cleaning Robot is a smart and innovative award-winning cleaning bot that will make your house look spick and span. It comes with … Read more
  • Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget lovers
    If you’re searching for gifts for a colleague, a friend, or even your family this holiday season, we’re here to lend a digital helping hand. We’ve gathered up some of the coolest gadgets under one virtual roof. Some are practical and others are just plain fun. Each gift suggestion listed below is sure to be appreciated by anyone on your Christmas list this year, as long as you can make it home in time. Who … Read more
  • Get unique memories with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 instant camera
    Do you usually spend time with your friends and would like to turn those moments into photographs? Photos allow you to get memories of almost anything, allowing you to view them at any time. As you know, cell phones take amazing photos, which makes cameras less purchased compared to 20 or 10 years ago. Even so, you know that something digital will never give you the same feeling as something physical. I think we all … Read more
  • The Krisdonia portable charger will allow you to charge your cell phone and laptop no matter where you are
    Need a high-capacity portable charger to charge your laptop while you’re traveling? When we need to travel away from home, we are likely to worry about our cell phones being discharged, especially if we plan to travel to nature, away from the city and the town. Maybe if you travel alone that is not a problem, but if you have children or young people with you, then you know that they can not go long … Read more