Dragon Blogger 300 Dollar Giveaway

So I went to the Facebook Group and did a poll on what we should do for our next giveaway, should we do a Nintendo Switch, a single $300 Gift Card or 3 $100 gift cards, and by winner of over 60% of the vote the fans chose to do a split 3 winner $100 gift card giveaway. So this is what we are going to do, so here is your chance right now to … Read more

Enter to Win a LifePro Dash X Folding Exercise Bike

Looking for an affordable addition to your workout room, or a storage friendly way to workout in the comfort of your own home? LifePro is there to fulfill your exercise needs! It’s a fantastic, feature packed exercise bike that crams quite a bit of value into such an affordable product. It’s got everything you need to get going on a fitness journey to a better you! It’s got a sleek, easy to store design that … Read more

Enter to Win Amazon Prime for a Year

Have you wanted to get Amazon Prime but just couldn’t afford the annual plan yet? Well this is your chance to win a full year of Amazon Prime and get all of the following benefits if you are the winner! You can get free one-day shipping for your Amazon Prime-eligible order if you place it by midnight on the day that you want delivery. This means that if your order is placed after midnight, or … Read more

Enter to Win a Nintendo Switch Lite Gaming Console

We are back with another gaming related giveaway here at DragonBlogger and this time we have fellow Twitch and YouTube Streamer HomieDrew co-sponsoring with us so make sure you take the time to thank him by dropping by some of his streams, commenting on his videos and making sure he feels the appreciating for helping co-sponsor a giveaway with us. HomieDrew is a variety game streamer and you can see him streaming on both Xbox … Read more

Enter to Win EF ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station

Traveling With Your Laptop? You’ll Need the EF ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station to Stay Connected Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the power’s running low and there’s not enough time to recharge your gadgets? Often time’s it is simply too difficult to connect to a power outlet outside, on the go, and away from home. This can be even more troublesome with climate-sensitive belongings such as your laptops and cellphones … Read more

Enter to Win WEMAX Go Ultra Portable Laser Projector

We have been showcasing WEMAX products for a while now as they make some fantastic projector options and I am excited to let our community know that we finally have a chance to give away one of their fantastic portable laser projectors which the WEMAX GO! The WEMAX GO portable projector uses ALPD Laser tech and measures less than 1-inch thick and weighs just .66 lb making it extremely portable. It has a throw ratio … Read more

Enter to Win a Gift Card or PayPal

Welcome to the gift card giveaway page, where every so often we will rotate out giveaways specific for gift cards. To make things easier for entrants I am going to re-use and update the same page for all bigger gift card giveaways going forward, so they can come back to the same page, though each giveaway is unique and has to be entered separately. Enter Below for a Chance to Win a Gift Card or … Read more

Enter to Win OBSBOT MEET AI Webcam

We have showcased the OBSBOT MEET AI webcam a few times and this is now your chance to win one thanks to OBSBOT partnering with DragonBlogger. The OBSBOT Meet has an integrated Sony 1/2.8″ sensor and can capture a clear 1080P@60fps. It has a small form factor, sleep mode with privacy cover and it’s AI auto-framing technology sets it apart from other web camera’s with 3 auto-framing modes. This webcam from OBSBOT has auto-focus and … Read more

Win EKSA AirComfy S Gaming Headset and Stand

We have partnered with gaming peripheral brand EKSA to bring you a new giveaway today! About the EKSA AirComfy S Superlight Gaming Headset The EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers separate bass and mid-high frequencies into their own dedicated chambers, reducing interference and provides superior sound quality with strong, solid bass and natural mid-high tones. This headset also sports Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) material features less signal loss, better high-frequency extensions, and extremely high signal transmission performance. … Read more

Enter to Win eufy Security Camera and Solar Panel

We have partnered with eufy again and this time we are bringing you the E20 Outdoor Security Camera but not just the camera, you also will win a Solar Panel with it so you can power it without needing to run any cables or charging batteries. The eufy E20 is a 1080P security camera with 8GB of built in storage which can hold up to 2 months of clips where someone triggers and activates the … Read more

Enter to Win a GIGABYTE G5 GD 15.6 FHD IPS Gaming Laptop

8 Reasons Why People Prefer the new GIGABYTE G5 GD 15.6 FHD IPS Anti-Glare Laptop to others for  Better Gaming Experiences When it comes to laptops, most people want one with a powerful processor, large storage, and at a very affordable low cost. You may have heard of someone who has a laptop that is just a year or two old and has only 8GB of RAM, but they are still using it to handle … Read more

Enter to Win an ELEGOO Neptune 2S 3D Printer

So when polling for fans about what they wanted as our next giveaway after the Nintendo Switch giveaway the majority of fans had an interest in dabbling with 3D Printing and a 3D Printer giveaway was voted as the next big prize giveaway from DragonBlogger. So we had reviewed a few 3D Printers here on the team and I made the decision to choose 1 specific model that was the arguably the best bang for … Read more

Enter to Win a eufy Security SoloCam S40 Solar Powered Security Cam

eufy makes some amazing products and this time we have partnered with eufy to bring you an excellent home security product in their S40 Solar Powered Security Cam. All you need to do is install this cam up near your roof and ensure it gets access to the sun during the day so it can record and monitor the front of your home, driveaway, yard, porch…etc. The built-in AI ensures SoloCam S40 only records when … Read more

Enter to Win a Nintendo Switch OLED Console or Cash

We are back again rewarding the fans in time for summer with a chance to win a Nintendo Switch OLED Portable Gaming Console though you can opt to choose to receive a $350 PayPal payment or Amazon Gift card if you prefer and are eligible. This giveaway is open worldwide but if you live outside the USA your only option is to receive $350 PayPal unless you have a residential USA address to provide to … Read more

Enter to Win a QUINEAR Neck Massager with Heat

Originally Nate received one of the QUINEAR neck massagers from the brand to review and it’s ability to deliver TENS therapy right to your neck while leaving you hands free convinced me to buy a unit for myself as well. So we both can tell you that this unit is fantastic and really helps ease tense neck muscles. One thing to note is it is not a vibrating massager, but it is a TENS electric … Read more

Enter to win a CINCOM Shiatsu Deep Kneading Foot Massager with Heat

So a last week I did a poll on Facebook, Discord and GamingTribe to see which gadget our fans wanted us to giveaway next, the choice was between a CINCOM Hand Massager, a CINCOM Massage Gun or a CINCOM Foot Massager as the sponsor in this case was… you guessed it CINCOM. Well the voting overwhelmingly decided that a Foot Massager was the most wanted prize, so that is what this giveaway will be for. … Read more

Enter to Win AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones

One of our sponsors Shokz/AfterShokz is going to reward one lucky DragonBlogger fan with a pair of their very own Aeropex Bone Conduction Open Ear headphones. AfterShokz uses patented bone conduction technology to deliver premium audio through the cheekbone which allows you to listen to your music, podcasts and audio books while keeping your ears completely open to hear your environment around you. They have an 8 hour battery life and are IP67 waterproof rated … Read more

Enter to Win an Xbox Series X or $500 Gift Card

Thanks to our awesome partners which include Utechpia, ThisBytesForYou and Twitch Streamer Shipbroman we are able to bring you the chance to win an Xbox Series X gaming console or if the winner wants they can choose to take a $500 Gift Card or PayPal option. James recently got his hands on an Xbox Series X and combined with Xbox Gamepass Ultimate it is a the most comprehensive gaming platform with hundreds of games to … Read more

Enter to Win an EF ECOFLOW River Mini Power Station

Thanks to EF ECOFLOW we are able to giveaway a RIVER MINI power station which is a fantastic portable device to give you power on the go when camping or to simply power some home appliances if you are suffering from a brown out or a black out. With the EF ECOFLOW River Mini you get patented EcoFlow X-Stream technology that enables you to charge the RIVER mini portable power station from 0%-80% within 1 … Read more