Win Free Random Steam Games

As a way to both reward the fans and the community as well as attract new people to see what our DragonBloggers Twitch channel is all about, we setup a loyalty system (2 actually but more on that soon) and this loyalty system allows you to win free random PC Steam game keys in a variety of ways.  First here is a bit of how the loyalty rewards work.

There are 2 loyalty reward systems on the DragonBloggers Twitch channel, one is the Twitch Loyalty Rewards known as “Dragon Eggs”.

The Dragon Eggs are found at the bottom left of the Twitch chat and you get them from following, watching, raiding with us and whenever you donate bits or sub….etc. The Dragon Eggs have a variety of rewards you can redeem including getting bonus “keywords” for the bigger Gleam giveaways, but if you save up and collect 50,000 dragon eggs you can instantly redeem them for a free Random PC Steam game.

The other Twitch loyalty reward system for DragonBloggers is the Streamlabs Cloudbot Loyalty reward which are gems. Cloudbot has to register you in the loyalty rewards database which takes about 20 minutes if you are a new user on the channel and you can check how many gems you have anytime by doing !points in the Twitch chat.

Every stream we host on DragonBloggers you can do !join 1 for 1 ticket entry in the random PC Steam game raffle, and you can use a maximum of 200 tickets with !join 200 if you have enough gems. You can see below you can do !join 25 and get 25 tickets, but if you are a Twitch subscriber to DragonBloggers then you automatically get a bonus of +10 tickets whenever you enter the raffle boosting your odds of winning .

You get 1 gem for every 5 minutes of viewing time, but you also gain 20 gems instantly for doing /host dragonbloggers command on your own Twitch channel while we are live. You also get 100 gems if you raid /dragonbloggers from your own Twitch channel at the end of your stream if we are live. Followers get a bonus as well when they follow for the first time and people who chat during streams get twice as many gems per 5 minutes than viewers who don’t chat.

Now, in addition to entering the random steam game raffle everyday on the Twitch stream, you can save up to 1500 gems and instantly redeem a random steam game key from the Dragon Blogger Cloudbot Loyalty store too.

You can also redeem on Stream alerts and effects just like you can with the Dragon Eggs, and there are unique ones here too. But the 1500 points (gems) for the random steam game key is easier and faster to achieve than the Dragon Eggs loyalty alert because of the bonuses you get from hosting, subbing and raiding.

You also can use the !gamble system and gamble between 10 and 200 gems to try your luck at doubling your gems and earning your rewards faster, but there is a chance you can be set back too, as it is 50/50 when you gamble your gems away.

So become a fan of the DragonBloggers Twitch Channel today and make sure notifications are turned on as you can earn loyalty every stream and we stream multiple times a day most days. Join the DragonBlogger Discord too and know about the latest exclusive giveaway for our gaming community too!

More Steam Game Rewards

In addition to entering to win random steam games, you get 1 free random PC steam game with your sub, or 1 free game whenever you donate 300 bits during the same live stream.

These rewards scale up the higher level sub tier, and bit donations, plus if you gift subs to others in chat you can also gain Steam game keys to either keep or giveaway to someone you gifted a sub too.

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