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DragonBlogger is a Technology and Entertainment platform that in addition to featuring technology articles and product reviews, also has a section designed to provide tips to help bloggers earn more and improve in their online ventures.  We cover everything gadget, geek, Movie/TV Show, video gaming related and enjoy sharing information, reviews, how-to articles and showcasing brands products, AAA and Indie developer games as well.

In 2019 our Media Platforms including YouTube and Twitch Live Streams get more traffic, views and attention than traditional websites. All our media platforms combined reach over 4 million views per year over the past 12 months.

DragonBlogger Averages more than 500,00 pageviews per year with more than 60% of traffic coming from search engines, 15% from direct fans/subscribers, and the rest from social media and our newsletter which reaches more than 35,000+ emails per month.

Our YouTube Channel had over 11 million video views total, so brands are encouraged to leverage our video producing options for product reviews, unboxing and video showcases to increase exposure over the blog alone.

Below are just some of the brand reviews we have done:


The following is a list of websites, companies or blogs that have either featured some of my work or mentioned me.  I have a good working relationship with some of the companies I have tested products for and enjoy showcasing products and services which I feel are positive and excellent.

Quote and Feedback:

“In a world filled with GIMME’s & I’m better’n u & COMPETITON, @dragonblogger stands out as one of the REALLY nice people in the world” -Janine Joi

“Thanks for the review! It’s great, love it.” Tim (Tesoro)

“You guys have the most in depth case review I have ever seen. I wish some of the bigger guys had the dedication that you have.”  ~Jace O’Steen (Corsair)

“We went to Dragon Blogger for the launch of the BlueBulb Bluetooth Bulb. They produced a top notch video! DB dives deep in and acts as a powerful platform for promoting new technology and product launches” – Steve Green (Blue Bulb)

“Thank you so much for your effort, you guys are quite awesome and professional as always.” -UtechSmart Marketing

“I have read your blog review and you wrote it pretty cool! Awesome! You made me paste a smile while reading your experience from start to end :D Thank you so much!” -Solid Cordz

“In our time working with DragonBlogger, they have consistently created quality content and honest reviews, while upholding high standards of journalistic integrity. It is very clear that they are on the right path to be a major name in the industry, and we look forward to working with them further in the future.” -NoScope

“DragonBlogger is where most of our Facebook followers come from. Justin helped us actively by writing many excellent reviews so that people can get to know our company and products, for that we are very grateful. Thank you so much!” – Stella Zhu (Havit)

“You guys are professional at creating quality content. It’s been a great pleasure working with you. Thank you very much for your efforts!” – Livia (RavPower)

“I just had a chance to watch your review, and all I can say is WOW! We’re so thrilled to hear how much you liked the B450-XT. I’ll work with our social media team to share this on our channels. Thank you for the great feedback!” – Kim (VXi BlueParrot)

“There are few reviewers who do videos with article reviews. We appreciate that you invest so much efforts and time on COUGAR product. You are definitely a professional and responsible reviewer.” -Cougar Gaming

“Hi Ahmed, great job on the ES02-USB article, I think you may have one of the better reviews written on this product!” –Tony from Silverstone



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Enclosed are assets which brands can use if you were awarded a 4 or 5 star product review rating, and our site logo.