Capcom’s Resident Evil Brand and Services Survey – A Chance to Submit Your Voice for the Future of the Franchise and Potential Remakes

Resident Evil fans rejoice! There is an opportunity to have your voices heard! *Image from Capcom’s Resident Evil Survey. Capcom released a Resident Evil survey to gather feedback on a variety of items – remakes included. Let’s take a look at what you can expect. How long does the survey take? Overall, I would suggest setting aside at least 10-20 minutes for the survey. That number may vary depending on reading speed, loading/navigation times, length … Read more

Epic Games’ Attempt to be Competitive in the Consumer Market – “Epic Rewards” Unveiled

Image taken from the Epic Games Store. In today’s world, there is definitely no shortage of ways to procure games on PC. Over the years, many of these big name companies such as Ubisoft, Valve, and Blizzard have all launched their own launchers to supply games and services. Epic Games took a step to potentially try and shake up or stay in step with the competition. On May 18th, Epic Games announced a new reward … Read more

Best Agents to Use for Each Map in Valorant

Featuring multiple maps, each with its own nooks, crannies, and intricacies – picking the right agent to use for each map in Valorant is of pivotal importance. With tons of variations present in a draft, knowing the right setup can help you maintain your lead or come back against all odds in a nail-biting match. Picking the right agent for a map can be a game-changer. Whether it’s an aggressive Duelist, a sneaky Sentinel, a … Read more

7 Hardest to Use Agents in VALORANT

Valorant’s introduction of various Agents each with their own skills, abilities and playstyle has truly brought some much-needed innovation to the tactical FPS genre. With the roster expanding every year, there are a few Agents that have stuck out amongst the masses for the sheer amount of skill required to play them efficiently. This begs the question, what are the hardest-to-use agents in Valorant? And, why have they earned that title in the first place? … Read more

7 Tips to Improve Your Aim in PUBGM

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, or PUBGM, is a popular battle royale game that requires quick reflexes and accurate aim to succeed. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, improving your aim is essential for achieving victory in this fast-paced game.  In this guide, we’ll share seven tips to help you improve your aim in PUBGM. From adjusting your sensitivity settings to practising in training mode, these tips will help you hone your skills and take … Read more

8 Best Anime Games on the Google Play Store

Through recent years we’ve noticed an increase in anime-based games on various platforms. But mobile platforms have always remained one of the best spots to play anime games. Especially with modern-day graphics and gameplay enhancements, playing video games on your phone seems like a no-brainer thing to do. With that said, we’ve rounded up some of the best anime games on the Google Play Store for your perusal. Since some of these games have gacha … Read more

7 Things You Should Be Doing as a New Player in Mabinogi

Although Mabinogi has its appeal, with great emphasis on story, progression, and socialization, it is a challenging game to get into. The online role-playing game is riddled with lots of text and numerals, as evident from the first tutorial, and making sense of all this information can be overwhelming. Even so, the game is definitely worth playing due to its sheer amount of rich and original content. As such, if you are a new player, … Read more

What is Steam Deck and Enter to Win One!

To be completely honest, when I first saw the Steam Deck, I thought it was quite a rip-off, or at least a mini low-end gaming computer that has the price, portability, and size of an expensive tablet (but with gaming controls). Apparently I was partially right. AMD makes absolutely wonderful processors that can make you shout “what in blazes” at the speed. And you can imagine what happens when they combine that with Steam, using … Read more

Best Maps for Beginners in PUBGM

PUBG Mobile features a large number of maps, and it is one of the battle royale games that offer multiple maps that you may play and dominate. However, if you are new to the game, there are maps that are unquestionably better for novices than others. Each map is designed differently; for example, some maps are better for long-range battles, while others are better for close-combat clashes, and these differences influence the weapons you should … Read more

VALORANT: A Beginner’s Guide to Peeker’s Advantage and Its Counters

Peeker’s advantage is one of the more complicated and divisive tactics in VALORANT.  But, before anything else, what is peeker’s advantage? Peeker’s advantage is a blanket term used to describe the edge that players peeking around corners hold over players holding the same angle. But, if you ask Riot, it’s the “relationship between the peeker’s reaction time and the maximum time for the holder to react before they’re killed.” In a nutshell, it’s named so … Read more

Easy-to-use Pro Tips for Beginners on Tribes of Midgard’s Inferno Saga

Gear up and be the legendary Einherjar to save Midgard from the doom of Ragnarok! Tribes of Midgard’s Inferno Saga is now available on all Xbox Series and Nintendo switch for players across the globe. Explore scary dungeons, stand up to gigantic Helthings, and form a formidable bond with your tribesmen to protect your village and the Seed of Yggdrasil within from beastly brutes who have vowed to bring Midgard to its ruin. The new … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Looting in PUBG

When people think of PUBG, inventory management isn’t the first thing to come to mind. Yet, any hardened veteran will tell you that knowing what items to grab and when are key skills for any PUBG player. Don’t believe us? Here’s a situation every PUBG player has experienced. A shiny new scope gleams enticingly from across the room—oh no!—your backpack’s full. As you try to make room for that super-vital piece of gear (“Chicken dinner, … Read more

7 Must-See Games Released in September | 2022

It’s that time of the year — the fall, which we are already starting to feel in our bones. It is finally upon us. Another month has passed and with it, we get another round of gaming releases to look forward to. If you’re like me and you don’t enjoy waiting for months for something intriguing to come out. Maybe you’ll want to see some of the best games that hit the shelves in September. … Read more

Far Cry 6: Simple Beginner’s Guide for First-time Players

What you should do and not do: Don’t go out looking for trouble. The only reason you’re in this situation is that you decided to go out searching for a fight. The world is not your enemy and it will do everything it can to protect itself from the likes of you. You will be hunted down, killed, and eaten by wild animals or attacked by other players who want to take advantage of your … Read more

PUBG Mobile Duo Mode Beginner’s Guide

Squad-based battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile have multiple types of modes, most of the time you are given a choice to play solo, duo or in a 4-man team. Playing solo is the easiest considering you are one against everyone, while a duo or a 4-man team needs a little more communication and tactics to win chicken dinners. Duo is exactly in the middle of the pack in terms of difficulty as there … Read more

5 Things Gamers Expect out of a Great Gaming Experience

Just like with any other experience, whether you’re watching a movie or a sporting event, you can have a gaming experience that is hit or miss. Just because it’s an activity you like, it doesn’t mean that it will always be the best experience possible. But knowing what constitutes a great gaming experience will help you in your ability to create more of them. However, most gamers would agree that a great gaming experience can … Read more

7 Things That Pros Do That Beginners Don’t in PUBGM

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) remains the benchmark for mobile battle royale games. And with PUBG Mobile’s popularity, the number of players who want to play it professionally has also gone up. Getting into the game is simple, but mastering it takes skill and sense. It’s easy to find out which guns and gear professional PUBGM players use. Learning the game sense could be difficult for beginners. That’s why we are listing 7 things that pros do … Read more

valorant pearl map guide

Valorant Pearl Map Guide

VALORANT’s maps usually have unique features like the Teleporters on Bind and the Ropeways on Split. For Pearl, Riot Games did away with all of them. Instead, the developers went with a simple and minimalist approach for VALORANT’s eighth map. The result is the most strategic map in VALORANT where every site is as difficult to breach as they are to retake. The good news for VALORANT players out there is that we’re here to … Read more

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Main Differences Between Resident Evil 4 Remake and the Original

After several rumors finally, the Resident Evil 4 Remake is official and will come out on March 24, 2023. The game has generated a lot of comments among the players and has created uncertainty about the changes that it could experience. After Capcom developed 2 previous remakes it is expected that this adaptation will be the best among them. Resident Evil 2 Remake had positive reviews for retaining the essence of the original game while … Read more

PUBG Mobile: 7 Tips to Help You Push Rank Faster

Want to quickly rank up in PUBG Mobile? While becoming a better player helps, it’s important to know how the rank system works, too. Either that or you could get a little boost with some PUBG Mobile UC through OffGamers here. Anyways, we’ve decided to put together this list of 7 tips to help you push rank faster in PUBG Mobile to help improve your mechanics and maximize your RP in every match. Let’s jump … Read more