A Leveling Guide for Path of Exile

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A Leveling Guide for Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free-to-play action RPG game in the list of the most popular MOBA games. Here, you can exact your revenge against people who wronged you in a dark fantasy world.

If you have started playing the game and want to level up quickly, this is the right place. This levelling guide for Path of Exile contains elements to ensure you level up quickly and efficiently.

This guide is designed to skip some of the optional missions and trials, but if you want to enjoy a challenging experience, you can jump right into them. From selecting the right build to managing quests and optimizing your gameplay, we’ve got you covered.

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General Tips to Leveling Up in Path of Exile

Knowing the proper tips and tricks to level up is extremely important. This will ensure you don’t run aimlessly and die multiple times. This can delay your levelling-up process after all.



Choosing the Right Build

Choosing the right build lays the foundation for your levelling success. You should always make a build that can quickly clear white maps. Also, planning using Path of Building is vital to your success.

It is best to stay away from unreliable guides. Instead, seek advice from reputable sources, such as veteran POE streamers. This crucial decision determines your efficiency in taking down enemies and progressing through the game.



Path of Exile Waypoints

Waypoints act as the checkpoints in the campaign of Path of Exile. You can use those waypoints to fast travel all around the map.

There are chances that you will die in the game. So, whenever you visit a new place, always look for the waypoints. This will ensure that you return to another location as soon as you respawn. You can then spend most of your time focussing on levelling up.


Go Easy on Yourself in The Early Stages

Getting the hang of the gameplay mechanics and gaining expertise is the best thing you can do in the early stages. A significant benefit of the first five acts is that you do not get exp penalties if you die. So, this will act as the ideal time for you to take it slow and learn the mechanics.

The road in front of you is going to be complicated. So, make sure that you are prepared from the start.


Make Use of The Logout Exploit

Generally, you must use portal scrolls to move around in Path of Exile. Instead, you can log out to Character Selection.

This will allow you to save your scrolls as you spawn in your home city as soon as you log in.

When levelling on league launch, this trick can help you the most. You should ensure you do not hit “Exit to Login Screen” or “Exit to Path of Exile.” Choosing these two options will log you out of the game and force you to rejoin the queue, which can be time-consuming.

Now, there is a proper technique for doing this trick. Go to the menu, click “Exit to Character Selection,” and then immediately click the ENTER key to log back in instantly.

If you think you are not fast enough, you can always use an AutoHotKey script to do this process. And it is not illegal.


Choose the Right Quests

Path of Exile Quests

All the quests in the Path of Exile campaign are not mandatory. Choosing the right campaign missions is vital if you want to end the campaign quickly and level up. You can refer to any detailed guide on choosing the right quests.

As for beginners, we would recommend you enjoy the experience that the game has to offer. You can pick up quests and track them as they will teach you the gameplay mechanics.

A lot of the quests will require you to pick up certain items. Some of the missions will only trigger once you kill a specific enemy. So, watch the maps and guides for the best gameplay experience.

You will see that the quest objectives are marked with a yellow exclamation mark. Plus, there will also be green text to indicate the objective.


Gather Experience Efficiently

Efficiency in gaining experience in Path of Exile requires a mindful approach to monster engagement. Prioritize killing the least number of monsters necessary to progress, as fighting Elite and Rare monsters might not always be worth your time, especially when you are in a rush. This approach prevents unnecessary delays and ensures a steady levelling pace.


Don’t Focus on League Content

If you are in a hurry and want to focus on completing the campaign as soon as possible to unlock the atlas, you should avoid interacting with any content that is league specific. They may give you excellent rewards but will delay your progress toward your objectives.


Get the Right Quest Rewards

Path of Exile Quest Rewards

As we mentioned, you need to complete specific quests and collect specific items to trigger other quests. These quests can be key, skill points, and many other things.

You should always complete all quests that reward you with skill points. They will grant you character points, allowing you to get the character abilities that are mandatory in the endgame.

To ensure you have collected all the necessary items for the mandatory quests, you can use the “/passives” command in the console chat to see if you have gained all the necessary points.


Wrapping Up

So, these are the tips and tricks that will help you level up in Path of Exile. Following this levelling guide will ensure you immediately level up and unlock the atlas. Always choose the proper build to clear white maps. Ensure you find the waypoints as soon as you visit a new site. Complete the quests properly, avoid engaging in unnecessary fights, and ensure you collect all the necessary skill points.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.