Get Games and Stream Rewards for Fans with Daredrop

If you are a streamers and you want to increase not only interactivity with your fans, but build some relationships with game studios and get some game keys for you and potentially your Twitch or YouTube audience at the same time then consider looking into DareDrop. This is of particular benefit to Variety Streamers, but you can also create your own custom dares for any game that you play as well to reward your fans … Read more

How to Get Started on Twitch?

Twitch is a live video sharing service, mainly used in the gaming world. It attracts more and more gamers who share their passion and sometimes manage to make money from it. However, it requires a minimum investment. The Twitch platform Twitch is a community platform for sharing or live video streaming. Created in 2011 by Justin Kann, it is then acquired by Amazon in 2014. Its main focus is on video games, but it also hosts … Read more

How to Grow as a Streamer: The Ultimate Tip Guide

So as I get asked many questions over the past year on how do you grow your streaming channel or how do I become a streamer so I decided to do a round up of all my best tips, hints and lessons learned over the past year. I also included shared advice with me in the hopes that it can help other streamers get ideas on how to get themselves out there. I will preface … Read more

5 Good Things Twitch Streamers are Doing During COVID Lockdowns

Streaming your favorite games and having millions of followers for watching live, it’s fascinating and pleasurable for someone Like a daydream comes true. Live chats, voice supports, and direct competition adds more sausage on the hotdog. But it is helping people with streaming when the world is in big trouble. An effect of technology on the heart n this uncertain time of COVID-19, Twitch streams are doing some great job that talks about the real … Read more

Streamer Spotlight Shipbroman

Though I am still doing weekly group interviews with streamers it has been a while since I did a full page interview with a streamer and this time I am excited to showcase Shipbroman to everyone.  Shipbroman honestly is one of the most supportive streamers I have ever met, not only does he have over a million views on his Twitch channel and stream a consistent schedule but he takes the time to actually participate … Read more