Expeditions: Rome – New Trailer Shows Siege Battles

Vindobona, Noricum / Hafnia, Daniae, Januarii XVIII, MMXXII: Chalkedon must fall! The city dared to stand up against the Roman Empire, this cannot go unpunished! Legio Victrix has laid siege to the city and is preparing for an assault. Legatus, you must choose the strategy. We have several goals to fulfill: The roman hostages must be freed, the enemy catapults must be taken out and we have to eliminate the enemy commander. Choose wisely, the … Read more

Enter the LamerGamer DragonBlogger Team Up Giveaway

LamerGamer who is one of our very own DragonBlogger Team members streaming on Sunday’s is on the verge of celebrating a massive success for his YouTube channel and we want to help get him over the edge as he is so close to YouTube partnership. So what better what to celebrate than to run a giveaway right? Join us in this event and enter to win a $100 PayPal, Amazon or Steam gift card by … Read more

Winners of the Amazon Gift Card Newsletter Giveaway

If you were a newsletter email subscriber you got notified about a special giveaway where 10 random people who were followers of both our email and Amazon Influencer store would be chosen to win a $20 Amazon Gift card. This giveaway was exclusive to email subscribers and served as a loyalty reward for remaining email fans, since many of my giveaways are on Discord and on the site, I wanted to ensure that email subscribers … Read more

Happy New Year and Enter to Win VIOMI V3 Max Robot Vacuum Mop

Happy New Year to all the readers and followers of Dragon Blogger and wishing you all a safe and successful 2022. We wanted to kick off the new year with another great giveaway and this one even tops our 2021 New Years Giveaway. We are kicking off the New Year by offering you a chance to win the incredible VIOMI V3 Max Robot Mop Vac which as it’s name implies can not only vacuum your … Read more

Merry Christmas and Holiday Giveaway

First off I wanted to say Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all the followers, readers and fans of Dragon Blogger. You have helped make 2021 a Merry Year indeed by choosing to spend your time with us, whether it is reading our reviews, joining our Twitch streams and watching us play games and banter, or watching our new Amazon Live streams which we kicked off in September to showcase products and deals. As part … Read more

Take Advantage of High-Speed 10GbE with TerraMaster F5-422

For professionals in need of high-capacity, high-speed storage December 23rd, 2021 Shenzhen, China – TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, presents the F5-422 5-bay NAS with 10 GbE port for high-speed networking. It can be easily integrated into existing networks using CAT6 cables. This makes it an ideal storage upgrade solution for professional workspaces that want to adapt high-speed 10GbE networking for fast, high-capacity storage. The … Read more


TerraMaster D5 Thunderbolt 3 For Professional Creators with Latest M1 MacBook Pro

Professional-Grade RAID storage for professionals with the latest MacBook Pro powered by the Apple M1 December 13th, 2021 Shenzhen, China – TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, presents the D5 Thunderbolt 3 professional-grade RAID storage with perfect compatibility with the latest Apple M1 chip-powered MacBook Pro. TerraMaster certified compatibility of the D5 Thunderbolt 3 with MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max and the latest … Read more

Sign Up For Our Live Stream Newsletter and Win a Random Amazon Gift Card

So we always like to reward existing fans of DragonBlogger as well as inviting newcomers to join the fanbase. In helping keep with rewarding our current and previous fans we have decided to expand our rewards program to continue to give out random # of Amazon Gift cards (or PayPal if winner prefers) to active subscribers of our email newsletter. What this means is you sign up for the Email Newsletter below, make sure you … Read more

Enter to Win an Amazon or Steam Gift Card

Kicking off a new giveaway on December first and a last chance to win a gift card before Christmas, here is your chance to win either a $100 Amazon Gift Card or Steam gift card (or you can choose PayPal payment). This is a thank you to the fans for helping us reach Amazon A-Lister status which means we are in the top tier of Amazon Live streamers thanks to your support and helping is … Read more

Enter to Win the OBSBOT TINY PTZ AI Tracking Webcam

We have partnered with OBSBOT to bring you an another awesome giveaway and this time it is for one of James’ favorite products which is the OBSBOT TINY PTZ AI tracking webcam. The OBSBOT TINY PTZ is not only a 1080p webcam which records in 1080p30 but it also uses an AI Deep Learning neural network to achieve fast and smooth AI tracking, auto framing and supports gesture control. It uses USB-C to connect to … Read more


TerraMaster TOS 5 Announced and Launches Insider Preview Program

TOS 5 comes with new features and new user interface along with the new TNAS App 3 November 11th, 2021 Shenzhen, China – TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, announces the TOS 5 update for TerraMaster devices. Throughout the year, TerraMaster added more than 50 features and more than 600 improvements to the TerraMaster TOS – more than 300000 lines of codes from our hardworking professional … Read more

Why Game Companies Adopting NFTs Could be Good and Bad

Loot chests and boxes were just the beginning, the next massive shift in gaming will move to whether game companies integrate and implement Non-Fungible Token (NFT)’s into their games. For those who are not yet versed on what NFT’s are, here is the basic concept. An NFT is a digital asset where a specific owner gets mapped to it in the block chain ledger. In the art world NFT’s are blowing up by creating a … Read more

Thoughts on Using the AfterShokz OpenComm Bone Conduction Headphones

For several weeks now I have been using the AfterShokz OpenComm Wireless bone conduction headset. When I go for walks, I get a lot of comments where people ask me what I’m wearing, and what is this thing and how it works because they see my ears are open, they’re not being blocked, they see me listening to music or talking on a headset to somebody when yet don’t see anything in my ear canal … Read more

Review of Bob & Brad T2 Muscle Massage Gun

Nkda unboxes and showcases the new Bob & Brad T2 Muscle massage gun. This is a deep percussion massage gun that uses a 25W high-torque brushless motor that runs up to 3200 RPM. The Bob & Brad T2 penetrates deep into muscle tissue thanks to it’s 10mm amplitude. I tis easy to use and helps relieve muscle pain, tight/stiff muscles and ideal for post workout recovery. The T2 has 5 speed levels and comes with … Read more

Unbox and Review of Jabees Vintage Firefly Earbuds

The Jabees Firefly Vintage earbuds not only look cool with their bronze color design but fit in the ear well and provide excellent sound range in both the high and low frequency range. They sounded a lot better than most earbuds in this price class, and I found the design worked really well for holding them in my ears. Plus the strap that fits around the earbuds lets them fall and sit around your neck … Read more

Mrs. DragonBlogger Showcase – October 31st 2021

Mrs. DragonBlogger covers some unique products this week with the Amazon Live stream and here are the products that were featured from this past weekend in the live video recap which you can watch above. MIULEE Pack of 2 Soft Plush Decorative Throw Pillow MIULEE Boho Tufted Throw Pillow Cover La Regis Baroque Tahitian Cultured Pearl Infinity Dangle Earrings Vont LED Candles  Anne Klein Women’s 104899SVTT Two-Tone Dress Watch Anne Klein Women’s Premium Crystal Accented … Read more

Unboxing and Review of the DresKar Electric Longboard

Nate unboxes, adjusts and then tests the DresKar Electric Skateboard Longboard which has a 7 Layer Maple Deck and supports up to 286 pounds. The DresKar Electric Skateboard has 900W dual brushless hub motors and you get 3 speed levels which include low(9.3mph), Medium(15.6mph), and High(25mph). 25% degree max incline angle for climbing is what the product states, though incline testing wasn’t done for the review. Note: Please wear safety gear at least if you … Read more

Enter to Win the Aufero Laser Engraver Cutter

Fancy being able to laser engrave objects in your home as a hobby or for making gifts or perhaps starting a laser engraving side project? Then this giveaway is for you, we partnered with AUFERO to giveaway one of their brand new 2021 model laser engravers. Your imagination is the limit as this laser engraver/cutter can be used with food, steel, paper, leather, glass, metal, cork, ceramic, wood, acrylic and stone. You can laser etch … Read more

TerraMaster Presents D5-300C 2+3 RAID Storage

5-bay RAID Storage with Flexible Storage Configuration For Small Office and Home Office Applications October 29th, 2021 Shenzhen, China – TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, introduces the D5-300C 5-bay RAID storage designed for small office and home office setups. It features a 2+3 RAID feature that offers better storage configuration flexibility. The TerraMaster D5-300C is ideal for a variety of applications, offering a versatile … Read more