Why Should You Install X-Sense Smoke Detectors in Your Home?

Looking for a pack of high-quality smoke detectors to reduce the chance of a fire occurring in your home? Every year there are thousands of accidents caused by fires, this is one of the saddest scenarios that a person can experience, not only because the fire can destroy a house completely but also because people are in great danger if unfortunately, a fire occurs during the night. As you know, fire grows quickly, and it … Read more

Experience the Real Thrill with The HIFRRUY Electric Skateboard for Adults

Looking for a high-quality electric skateboard to have fun on the streets of your city? Using a skateboard is one of the most hated means of transport by our moms, it is true, beginners often have some accidental falls when they start using a skateboard, but when you begin to understand how easy it is to use it, then the fun is guaranteed. As you know, accidents are only frequent when you do stunts, once … Read more

Charge 3 Devices at the Same Time with The Anker 737 Portable Power Bank

Looking for a high-performance power bank that not only allows you to charge cell phones, but also a MacBook? If you travel frequently or often have electrical problems in your home, then you know that having a reliable source of energy is important if you want to keep using your devices no matter where you are. So if you plan to travel for a few days then it is important to take with you a … Read more

Enter the DragonBlogger 13K Follower Giveaway

We hit a new milestone on our DragonBlogger Amazon Live crossing 13,000+ Followers on Friday so as usual we are kicking off a new follower milestone giveaway, every one thousand followers we will do a $200 gift card giveaway and here is your chance to win a $200 Gift Card for Amazon, Steam or PayPal. Thank you to all the fans, and good luck to all who enter! Before you enter the Gleam giveaway widget … Read more

Charge your Apple devices in one place with the Bauhoo charging station

Looking for a charging station to charge your Apple devices wirelessly? If you have some of the latest devices released by Apple you will surely know that most allow you to use them using wireless charging technology, which is a great help if you do not like to use annoying cables. Although wireless charging cannot match the charging speed compared to conventional charging, it is definitely much more convenient to use wireless charging. If you … Read more

Keep your home clean with the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac G30 robot vacuum cleaner

Tired of cleaning at home? Surely you need to try the robot vacuum cleaner Cleaning the home can become a boring task for most people. You should know that it is important to keep your home free of dust for many reasons, mainly because it will give your home a bad look and because dust can cause allergies that can make most people uncomfortable. You probably don’t want to take care of household cleaning, whether … Read more

Keep Any Electric Appliances in Your Home Powered with the BLUETTI AC500+B300S Expandable Power System

Do you often have electrical problems in your home? An expandable power system will be the perfect solution for unexpected power outages Power stations are becoming increasingly popular with people who travel often, so many people use them not only for travel but also for use inside the home in the event of an electrical problem, so it’s one of the best ways to keep your devices running no matter where you are. They are … Read more

The Best Xbox Series X Exclusive Games

Without a doubt, Microsoft has designed the Xbox Series X to offer its users one of the best experiences. Services like Xbox Game Pass allow you to get dozens of amazing games, which you can not only play from your console but also from a computer, which is a great idea if you would like to try some games but do not want to spend too much money. But as you know, exclusive Xbox games … Read more

Improve the Charging Time of Your Portable Power Station with the BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panel

Do you have a portable power station and would like to recharge it using solar energy? A 200W solar panel will be of great help Portable power stations are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s normal for people to use them while traveling or when they have electrical problems at home. They usually offer great performance, allowing you to use your devices no matter where you are. Performance can vary depending on the power they can … Read more

Vacuum and Mop at Same Time with eufy MACH V1 Vacuum and Mop

Cleaning hard floors can be a daunting task, especially when you have to use different products for vacuuming and mopping. This can be a time-consuming and tiring process, not to mention the extra cost of buying separate cleaning tools. I myself have to deal with my dog pumpkin attacking the vacuum first and then the mop after, so two battles for every floor cleaning. With having dogs with a dog door, they track mud in … Read more

Turn Your Room Into a Cinema with the EAZVUE A1 Mini Projector

Looking for a good quality mini projector at an affordable price to enlarge the image of your cell phone or laptop? The screens of our cell phones are small and are usually of good quality, but you know that they are not the most comfortable option if you want to enjoy your favorite series or movies, especially if other people also want to watch the content you are watching on your cell phone. So, it … Read more

Showcasing Indie Game RE:CALL for Nintendo Switch

Are you ready to experience a game that challenges your perception of reality and memory? Look no further than RE:CALL, the latest innovative game that lets you manipulate your own memories to shape the present and progress the story. In RE:CALL, you play through the memories of the character you’re controlling. Each action you take within these flashbacks has an immediate consequence in the present, allowing you to use your past experiences to your advantage … Read more

Play With the Best Graphics with the New GIGABYTE G5 KF Laptop

Ready to test the power of the Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics card? GIGABYTE has designed the perfect laptop to start enjoying your favorite games in the best quality There are no doubt that current and subsequent games are becoming more realistic, so that also means that you will need a powerful graphics card if you want to enjoy them in the best way.  Games like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Sons of the forest, Far cry … Read more

Looking For a Fast Scooter? Check Out the JOYOR Y7-S Electric Scooter

Do you need a high-performance electric scooter to travel the streets of your city? If you are one of those who usually use a car to go to work at the university you will surely know that it is not always the fastest option, especially if there is intense traffic, so, surely that ends up being annoying. But even if you want to use the car to have fun in your city it ends up … Read more

Best Clothes Steamer in 2023: Aiheal HJ-3011

If you are looking for a powerful and efficient garment steamer, the Aiheal steamer might be a good option. With a 1200W strong steam output, it can easily enter the deep layer of fabric and effectively remove wrinkles, making your clothes neat and meeting your needs for a quality life. The compact design of the steamer makes it convenient to carry around while traveling, and it heats up quickly in 25 seconds, saving you time … Read more

Charge your cell phone anywhere with the Crave Travel PRO power bank

Looking for a high-performance power bank to charge your cell phone while you’re traveling? If there’s one thing, we all hate is that our phone ends up with a dead battery and I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, most phones have fast charging features that allow you to have them charged in an incredibly fast time. There are many reasons why you cannot charge your cell phone (because you are in the office, … Read more

What is the BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station and What are the Main Advantages

Need a high-performance power station, but can’t find the power you need? BLUETTI has one of the best portable powers stations If you usually have electrical problems in your home or just want to travel for a few days, then you will know the importance of having a good source of energy if you plan to use your devices.  So, the portable power station is one of the best options to consider if you want … Read more

Are You Looking for a Portable and Reliable Power Bank? Check out the Crave Power Bank

Do you need a portable charger that offers great performance? Crave has what you need When we need to travel for a few days it is normal that the battery of our cell phones ends up dead and that can become a big problem if you need to make a call or send an important message. Whether you are in the office, at university, traveling, or have electrical problems at home it is important to … Read more

3 Boxing Anime’s you MUST Watch!

Over the last few decades we have seen boxing animes appear time and time again. Today, I compiled a list of three boxing anime that display what boxing anime truly is! Getting into our first boxing anime on the list, Megalobox. This world is similar to a sort of Cyberpunk 2077 feeling and has such a realistic grasp on real-world issues, such as boxing just being seen as a “brawling” sport. Our main character, Junk … Read more

Looking For a Good Wireless Earphone? Check Out the Lenovo Thinkplus LP40 TWS Earphones

Need a pair of wireless Earphones to listen to your favorite music comfortably? Lenovo has the perfect Earphones at an unbeatable price One of the pros and cons of modern phones is that you can no longer use your wired Earphones, which can be great because wireless earphones are great, but I wish we could have the choice between wired and wireless Earphones. The truth is that Earphones have more advantages than disadvantages, for example, … Read more

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