Showcasing the Beelink Gemini T32 Mini PC

Computers these days are relatively inexpensive and can be quite easily affordable. For those that are in need of just a CPU and already have the monitor, looking for a PC that doesn't have all the flashy extras is something that can be a bit of a task for those that are not sure what [...]

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Best Recommendations: Top Free Antivirus Software Coming in 2020

An antivirus is sophisticated software for detecting and combating viruses. The primary purpose of such applications is to prevent system infection and to remove viruses and malware from the file directories. Each antivirus app does its job but in its particular way. The main criteria to understand the reliability of antivirus software are safety level, [...]

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Shock Yourself to Good Habits With The Pavlok 2

If you've ever struggled with productivity (which is probably most of us), you know how hard it can be to keep yourself accountable and focused. Imagine having a device that's synced to your goals so you can get constant reminders to stay on track. That's the goal of the Pavlock 2 Habit device. If you [...]

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Streamer Spotlight: RougeGunner00

So I ran across another Team B42 streamer during a raid a while ago and enjoyed his streams of Mordhau and engagement style with the viewers, his explaining while he was streaming was spot on for a game I hadn't heard of and got to learn about while he was playing. His streaming name is [...]

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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Review

Survival games have always been, in my opinion, the medium that bridges the exciting and new environment that the game will bring, with the cruel reality of survival that mimics real conditions out here in the real world. Games like This War of Mine that mimics survival during war times or Frostpunk, steampunk RTS that [...]

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Choose Zedge To Get Personalized Experience And Grab The Advantages

Zedge is the one stop application for getting different things including notification tones, wallpapers, ringtones, etc. Of course all the options also available in the various categories including fun, fantasy, mainstream, etc. This app allows users to add content based on their needs.  It is one of the trusted apps that enable anyone to enjoy [...]

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5 Best TutuApp Alternatives for Your iPhone, iPad

You have been highly mistaken if you consider TutuApp store as the only source to install various apps on your iOS devices. The main reason includes unable to load listed apps entirely. That’s where TutuApp alternatives comes into the picture. Recently, we have found some of the most exotic applications that work exactly like tutu [...]

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Stages of the Custom Web App Development Process

Custom web applications are a requirement for most organizations attempting to thrive in the 21st century. Virtually all modern customers and vendors expect to rely on web apps to do things like shop online, pay bills, schedule appointments, and so forth. With so much at stake, the development of web apps must be done with [...]

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The Most Common Nintendo Switch Problems and How to Fix Them

The Nintendo Switch is a great system with excellent new games such as Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2, but the experience for some players has been affected by a number of technical problems. From comparatively minor cosmetic harm that can be mainly overlooked to severe issues that have made the systems of players worthless, [...]

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How to Remain Competitive in a Changing Sales Landscape

When discussing changes in sales, some prefer the “cat and mouse” metaphor, describing buyers as a wily prey, who need to be understood in order to be caught. But that analogy misses the point. It frames the B2B relationship in competitive terms when really it’s all about reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. If anything, your [...]

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The Science Of Gaming Chair Upholstery: Is PU Leather Really OK?

When plunged into a sea of gaming chairs, all that most of us first notice is that frantically colored PU leather. Most of the racing chairs for gaming (more than 70% anyway) are covered by the PU leather upholstery. This is pretty much the industry standard; only the high-end gaming chairs use real leather upholstery [...]

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PUBG Best Spawn Locations

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the game that started the recent hype about the Battle Royale genre. PUBG developers have recently designed a new desert map called Miramar. It is set in Mexico, and it gives you the chance to use close combat, stealth, and sniping skills. If you want to survive on this map, it is [...]

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Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 5700 8GB OC with Backplate Video Card Review

As a gamer, I want the latest and the greatest components for my PC to outpace the other guy/gal.  For that competitive edge, the latest and the greatest is needed.  The next gen video card comes out, and we all want it, but it’s always best to know what you are getting.  Today I am [...]

The Graphic Designer’s Guide to Designing Great Graphic Tees

There is just one article of clothing that can go almost anywhere. From sleepwear to business casual and even to the red carpet, the graphic tee is having its definitive moment. They can also be a lucrative business or a fun and productive side hustle for graphic designers. A well-designed T-shirt is an absolute staple [...]

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The Importance of Smartphones to Graphic Designers

Many graphic designers and other creatives now depend on technologies to help them do their jobs. One of the greatest modern-day inventions that make the artistic development process easier is the smartphone. Consider some reasons why having a smartphone is fundamental for graphic designers. For Greater Convenience Working in the graphic design industry, having top [...]

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