Streamer Spotlight Shipbroman

Though I am still doing weekly group interviews with streamers it has been a while since I did a full page interview with a streamer and this time I am excited to showcase Shipbroman to everyone.  Shipbroman honestly is one of the most supportive streamers I have ever met, not only does he have over [...]

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When Technology Goes Wrong

In today’s modern world, technology is king. With various worldwide companies vying for the most innovative, the most modern and the most advanced solutions to everyday life, things are developing at a supersonic rate. Technology is unavoidable - it seems that you can’t even watch a gig or live event without thousands of other screens [...]

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PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Grab a Chicken Dinner Every Time

PUBG Mobile looks just about like any other shooter. Except, well, it’s not. In fact, treating the more portable version of the progenitor of the battle royale genre, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, like any other shooter is the biggest mistake any gamer can make. The argument exists that it is this line of thinking that’s responsible for [...]

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Crave Plus 10000mAh Power Bank Review

Power banks in my opinion are one of the more time consuming products to review for readers.  One of the reasons is not only do I have to try them with multiple devices at different output levels, but I also have to do timer tests to see how fast they charge, and do as many [...]

Is The OPSeat Grand Master Gaming Chair Any Good?

If you're like me you bought store brand PC or office chairs for years and they never lasted long. I think for a while I was buying one about every year. Then I went out and got a high-end gaming chair and it lasted a good four or so years. But now it comes time [...]

Why It’s Important to Step Away From Smartphone Every Now and Then

It's pretty easy to get absorbed into our electronic devices. In recent years, smartphones have exploded as to what they can do and show no signs of stopping. You can order lunch, schedule a doctor's appointment, and do your grocery shopping all within ten minutes, and it's all from the comfort of your phone. While [...]

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Another Look at Depositphotos for Stock Images

If you blog or create content for the internet, you know how important stock photos are for you to pull from. While there are a ton of free sites out there, for the most part, the images are not always of the highest quality. The last thing you want to do with a top-notch blog [...]

Laptop Backpacks: 11 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

Investing in a good-quality laptop backpack is essential in this day and age. A great backpack provides comfort, safety, and portability, as well as extending a laptop's durability. However, there are still several instances in which you can damage your laptop, even if it is already inside your backpack. Without proper care, your laptop backpack [...]

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Mixcder E10 Headphone Review

Through the years of writing for Dragonblogger, I've reviewed a handful of MixCDer products. Both the E9 and the MS301 were both great and I still use them both to this day, so I was happy to get a chance to review the newest model: the E10. Overall, these headphones have incredible sound quality but [...]

Interview with Indie Game Developer Cosmocat

So in my quest to find new people in the Tech, Gaming and Entertainment space I ran into a game developer/streamer who goes by the name Cosmocat.  I had never done an interview with an indie game developer before, though I have featured and reviewed many games.  So I was curious to learn more about [...]

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Enter to Win a Blue Yeti Blackout Microphone

So Nate from our team uses the Blue Yeti Blackout mic when he streams and if you ever tuned into our DragonBloggers Twitch live stream you will hear how incredible it sounds, the clarity and depth quality is unparalleled and he proposed that we get one to do a giveaway for it.  So I proposed [...]

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